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Leatherman Skeletool KB

Jonathan Tayag
Leatherman Skeletool KB

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When you think of a multi-tool, there's a good chance you picture a Leatherman. They're known for their quality and performance, but not necessarily for being lightweight. That started to change with the original Skeletool, which cut down on bulk and put a bigger emphasis on the tool's blade. As the newest offering in the Skeletool line, the Leatherman Skeletool KB gets even more barebones. It's a minimalist, lightweight folder that's the perfect size for everyday carry.

The “skeletonized” design of the Skeletool line of tools made them a go-to lightweight option for mid-sized and keychain multi-tools. The new Skeletool KB strips away many bulkier functions so it has a 'naked' feel to it. You can see the side of the blade, save for the edge, exposed through the handle when folded. It's a striking minimalist look, but it's not just for show. By cutting out all that non-essential material in the handle and blade, the Skeletool KB manages to weigh in at an incredible 1.5 ounces in total. That's so light that you'll barely notice it in your pocket until you need it. And with its deep carry pocket clip (which doubles as a bottle opener), it's not too conspicuous.

Of course, you can tackle your everyday cutting and slicing tasks easily with its 2.65" drop point blade. It's made out of reliable and easy to sharpen 420HC steel that'll you can feel confident in using daily. And with its featherweight design, it'll also work well for light duty tasks out on the trail.

The Leatherman Skeletool KB is a knife you won't want to leave behind. Make it a part of your own minimalist everyday carry at the link below.

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Matthew ·
If they kept the bit driver on the end like the regular sceletool, I would add this to my rotation.
Coast ·
That plus the carabiner.
Luis Martin ·
I bought one recently and I changed the blade for a 154cm that I had as a replacement for my skeletool cx and it is one of my favorite edc. Very good knife and very portable.
Nick Beale ·
Just picked one up a few weeks ago. I must say I'm impressed. I have several knives that I don't carry to work for fear of a ham fisted co worker borrowing and damaging it... this knife is light but doesn't feel dainty or wimpy, like every leatherman product I've owned it came out of the packaging with a fine edge, the blade is also a very good length as an everyday workhorse. It isn't as left hand friendly as I would like but at this price point you're splitting hairs. Also for a usa made tool from a reputable company the price is fantastic. I also like that I can carry it in the side of the sheath for my Wave and never notice it's there until I need it. Cutting tasks although manageable with the Wave are easier with a dedicated knife, this fits the bill perfectly.
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