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ADPT Watch Strap

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ADPT Watch Strap

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"The watch enthusiasts at Worn & Wound have released their own retro military-style nylon watch strap. The ADPT Strap is sourced, manufactured and packed in the United States. It has a security band that will keep your watch on..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Steven James ·
so this is just an overpriced Nato Strap?
Sakamoto Mio ·
~ an - "American made" - Nato Strap with parts found in the USA.
~ Now I fully support American made - but imo, this is just a blatant copy of the original Nato Strap.
~ and I'm also (expected to believe) that it took 3 years to make a Nato Strap copy?
*just saying
Sakamoto Mio ·
~ Excuse me? - $42? ~ and unsure if shipping is free or you have to pay for it still.
~ Yea, I agree, way overpriced . . .
~ I started using the Nato & Zulu straps since I saw one whilst overseas, in the 70's (and) I managed to get one and never looked back.
~ What I suspect is that one is paying for their - "elaborate" - packaging, colours and the high priced stitching. ~ NO THANKS! - I'll stick with the original.
Michael A Diaz ·
Piling on: $42 for a nylon watch strap is ridiculous.
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