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Reader's Choice: 5 Lights EDCers Want

Mikey Bautista
Reader's Choice: 5 Lights EDCers Want

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Last week our team put together a list of flashlights that came out this past year that we'd love to get our hands on. After sharing our picks, we took to the comments and social media to see what you, the readers, were excited about too. In this guide we've listed the lights you've chosen, and we hope it gives you even more great flashlights to pick from as the year comes to a close.

Nitecore MH27UV

From the comments our reader Timothy Kevin McPike suggests the Nitecore MH27UV, a tactical flashlight that features power and utility in a rechargeable package. It comes with 1000 lumens across four main modes powered by an 18650 battery paired with a Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, but its alternate lighting modes are what greatly increase the light's capability. Using the MH27UV's side switches, you can toggle between its main LED and 3 colored LEDs, namely red (for night vision preservation), blue (verification), and ultraviolet (for inspection and forensics). On top of all that are features like built-in charging, IPX8-rated water and shock resistance, and an included clip, while a crenelated bezel and tactical ring give better grip and handling when carried or used in emergencies.

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Olight M2R Warrior

The M2R is a distillation of Olight's expertise in flashlights across all their models, putting together power, features, rechargeability, and an EDC-friendly sleek design in one tactical flashlight. Suggested by readers Karl Hicks and Garrett, it's an exciting light that shows how far Olight have come, pushing forward their key features like the side switch UI and impressive magnetic charging tail switch while discarding unpopular features like proprietary batteries. There's plenty to like from an EDC standpoint, and included freebies like a high-capacity 18650 battery, neutral white LED option, reversible 2-way clip, and custom holster just sweeten the deal even more.

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Lupine Lighting Systems Piko TL MiniMax

While this light suggestion from reader @geekMarmota may not be as familiar as other mainstream brands, its specs are certainly enough to make us take notice. Most notably the fact that the palm-sized light comes with 1200 lumens in a unique, CNC-milled aluminum body. The Piko TL is also designed to be a biker's and photographer's best friend, offering compatibility with bike mounts and tripods to be a handy addition to the EDCs of either profession.


Nitecore TIP 2017 CRI

Nitecore knew they had a hit on their hands with the original TUBE, a pocket- and wallet-friendly keychain flashlight that was a great addition to any EDC. Generations later  its big brother, the TIP, gets a few bold upgrades while still being as keychain-friendly as its predecessor. The 2017 CRI upgrade suggested by reader Yogi features a new Nichia 219B LED that gives an eye-pleasing beam for up to 240 lumens across 4 modes. A removable clip/switch protector from earlier models makes a comeback, along with rugged anodized aluminum construction while remaining light as an AA battery. And an underrated feature: the TIP comes in 7 colors to best match your EDC, whether clipped to your pocket or hanging out with the rest of your keychain essentials.

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TorchLAB BOSS 35 Clicky

Last, but certainly not the least, is this suggestion from reader Barry Allen. It's hard to know where to start when describing this light, given that's a custom-made flashlight from top to bottom, but its unique features and exclusivity more than make up for its formidable price tag. The BOSS 35 takes a rechargeable 18350 battery and manages to push out up to 1900 lumens when paired with its Cree XPL LEDs. It comes in lightweight 7075 aluminum or other exotic materials, and features TorchLAB's signature triad tail shape for ease of use and anti-roll capabilities. Sure, there are even more custom features like a McClicky switch, custom titanium screws to hold its AlTiN-coated stainless steel pocket clip in place, and extra thick Acme threads for top-tier fit and finish, but its most impressive feature is its programmability. While it's too long to explain in detail, simply put, you program the BOSS 35 by pointing it at a screen playing back a pattern of flashing lights. Yeah, we know.


Thanks for your recommendations! We'll be back next week for more staff picks, and we'd love to hear from you again then.

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I would add two more lights.
1. BLF Q8 - 5000 lumens in a soda can sized light with more UI options that you can imagine in one light. The people at BLF design lights to enthusiast specs and them find a manufacturer to make it. All the BLF designs offer great performance for the cost. I have no connection to the designs, I just buy them. :)
2. Imalent DX80. At 32,000 lumens this is the light to let you see all of your yard. And the neighbors' yard, and the yard three houses down the street. When done showing off, you can run at 1500 to 5000 lumens for hours - no step down in three minutes like many small lights. The trade-off is weight and cost.
Mikey Bautista ·
Have you picked yourself up a D4 yet? :)
Not yet, but I see many good things about them. Do you have a loaner for reviews? ;)
Mikey Bautista ·
Haha, none yet but after hearing and seeing all the buzz I'm pretty interested. My M2R's been putting in tons of work so I haven't found a reason to get yet another light. :P
Orwell ·
I go as light as i can. Nitecore Tube in my Coinpocket comes regulary in service at the job
Ed Jelley ·
Totally with you on that one. The Tube lives on my keychain most of the time. When it's not on my keys, it's in my coin pocket. It's an excellent, reliable little light!
I own SKILHUNT H2 flashlight about one year and would like to recommend it and the whole brand too!
Barry Allen ·
Heeeey, Thanks for featuring my suggestion! That TorchLab is in a league of its own. Crazy expensive, yes - but crazy cool too. If they release it again in raw aluminum I’m going to try to scoop one up.
Mikey Bautista ·
I'd be a bit nervous dropping 400-500 on a single light, but at least there's "insurance" in resale if things get tight, haha. Plus there's all the other customs I've wanted over the years...Haiku, HDS Rotary, the list is endless...
Armando Arriaga ·
The more expensive ones are a bit too rich for my blood. I´m an olight fan already for my EDC purposes.
Mikey Bautista ·
I hear you. Both my EDC lights are Olight and couldn't be happier!
Barry Allen ·
I totally agree guys. I have an Olight S1R as my primary EDC light and it exceeds my expectations in just about every category. They manage to to that at a totally reasonable price point. If I misplace my Olight, it sucks, but I feel like I can "afford" to replace it. The TorchLab looks super cool, but if I misplaced it I would want to jump out of a window. Olight is plenty bright, plenty small, & love the magnetic tailcap/charger.
Cathbadh ·
Just got an Olight S1 Mini CU (copper). It's probably overkill on the weight side, but it sure looks pretty.
Darren Tong ·
I bought a Nitecore Tip 2017 ss at the suggestion of an article here. Good power in a super compact rechargable package
Karl Hicks ·
Gotta include Zebralight. Their H53c is utter brilliance. ~94 CRI, 4 modes with 12 different levels for each of the 4 modes to select from in a all function no gimmick package that uses AA's.
Mikey Bautista ·
Have you seen the upcoming SC600 MkIVs? I'm quite curious about those as well!
Karl Hicks ·
Yeah, I like the look of those! I'm fairly new to the brand, I'm thinking they may become a staple of my EDC.
Ethan ·
I like the Olight m2r Warrior but as a defensive flashlight, I would go with the m1x striker.
Love the bit about the Lupine being a 'photographers friend' despite not having a high CRI LED. Marketing does not equal facts!
Good choices mentioned in this segment! My Lupine Minimax is my go to edc light. A little on the larger side & higher $ but was well worth it for me. My favorite feature is the status & warning this light has when battery is getting low. Other lights I've owned (jetbeam & fenix) either begins to dim or just dies out w/out any warning.