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The 5 Best Gerber Tools on Sale Right Now

Mikey Bautista
The 5 Best Gerber Tools on Sale Right Now

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If you're into EDC gear then Gerber is a brand you're probably already familiar with. Best known for their compact tools and survival essentials, and most recently their made in the USA gear, they've got something to cover your bases no matter your needs or profession. And now is the perfect opportunity to pick up some of their best gear. Through November 19th, you can pick up some classic Gerber tools at a significant discount. Over a dozen items are on sale, but in this round-up we've narrowed it down to the 5 best and most-carried EDC options according to our users to make the choice easier for you.

Gerber Dime (16% Off)

One of Gerber's most popular multi-tools is also one of their most useful, and it's easy to see why EDCers have enjoyed its performance over the years. 10 tools that include pliers, scissors, cutters, and drivers fold into a compact 2.75” stainless steel package that sits comfortably on your keychain or in your pocket. And weighing only 2.2 ounces with an included split ring, the Dime is effortless to carry or clip to the rest of your gear. Available in 5 colors to match any loadout with a price tag that belies its utility, Gerber's mini multi-tool is the perfect addition (or backup) to any EDC.

Buy ($14.65)

Gerber GDC Money Clip (15% Off)

Consolidating your essentials is the key to lighter pockets. The GDC Money Clip takes care of your cash and cards, while discreetly storing a 1.75” blade within its titanium-coated steel housing for quick cuts when needed. The Money Clip's able to hold onto 5 cards and/or folded bills, and on its opposite side a textured panel gives purchase when retrieving your cards and cash. The knife's ring design doubles as a handle when paired with the knife's finger choil and jimping, and also lets the knife lock in place when sheathed in the money clip. Forget one-trick money clips and get more EDC utility from the GDC.

Buy ($15.63)

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-tool with Bit Set (36% Off)

You're probably familiar with the standard multi-tool design, which is usually a butterfly opening that reveals a pair of pliers or scissors. The Gerber Center-Drive bucks that trend, instead deploying its needlenose pliers at the push of a switch. Not only does this let you open the tool with one hand, but the spring-loaded system gets you to the tool faster and easier. On top of that you get 16 functions, including a bit driver and a 420HC blade that swings out from the Center-Drive's outer panel, letting you use it even when the multi-tool is closed.

Buy ($85)

Gerber Crucial Multi-tool (21% Off)

While the Dime uses a compact butterfly design and the Center-Drive is a one-handed wonder, the Crucial takes cues from both and gives you a multi-tool that acts and carries like a pocket knife. 10 functions fold into a stainless steel body measuring 4” while closed, including pliers, a combo knife, and drivers, with the body itself curved for a better grip when using its primary tools. Its bottle opener function even doubles as a carabiner, so EDCing the Crucial couldn't be more convenient.

Buy ($32.02)

Gerber Paraframe Mini (39% Off)

The Paraframe Mini is designed to be a knife that disappears into your pocket. Almost literally, since its handle is liberally skeletonized to drop the Paraframe's weight to an impressive 1.4 ounces, which also makes the knife a breeze to clean. But it's still a performer, with its 2.22” clip point, high-carbon blade that makes short work of everyday cutting tasks. A nail nick deploys the Paraframe's blade, while a framelock keeps it secure while in use. Finally, a bolted-on clip makes EDCing the lightweight knife as simple and easy as possible.

Buy ($7.97)

We hope you found this round-up helpful. Let us know what you picked up from this deal in the comments below!

Links shown reflect deal pricing as of the time of publishing and may have since changed.

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ChiTown ·
I’ve had a Gerber for over 40+ years and maybe it’s time to update?
Mikey Bautista ·
That's pretty impressive! Which tool is it?
Jeramiah Gladden ·
I've carried a Patent-Pending Leatherman Wave my dad traded a Mountainsmith backpack to the owners of Leatherman at the outdoor retailers conference 20+ years ago for my birthday. I can't find a reason to ever give it up. It's as good today as it was 20 years ago.
ThreePercenter ·
I have had the Center Drive in my wish list for a while now, but it's been the same price the whole time. I really want the all black one, but I'd also be more impressed if they released and EOD one like the leatherman I just found. Never owned a leatherman, but seriously contemplating making the swap as a long time Gerber owner for the MUT EOD set.

The paraframe set (especially the mini's) I was not a fan of. Honestly, the only Gerber knife I will ever own is an Auto one. Since I broke my last one, I have never had a full sized one. But I managed to find solace in my current Mini Covert Auto. The next knife I get will be a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 (But I seriously wish they made that in Auto too).
Have given some Dimes as gifts, a good choice to give for simple carry.

Hope to soon purchase an item not on the list ... Gerber Strong Arm.. Based upon gaunlet testing by many youtubers.