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Boker Plus Kihon G10

Jonathan Tayag
Boker Plus Kihon G10

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For many knife enthusiasts, a custom design is the ultimate goal. While collaboration production models can put high end design within reach, they often end up compromising much of what makes the original great. But in the case of the Boker Plus Kihon, the design changes make for a more rugged and practical for tactical EDC—and at a lower price to boot. It does it all while keeping that attractive design that made Lucas Burnley's original Kihon so desireable for everyday carry.

The Kihon G10 is a frame lock flipper knife sporting a 3.25" satin finished D2 steel blade with a flat ground edge and a drop point shape. The flipper mechanism makes deployment a breeze. This lets you get to perform your daily cutting and piercing tasks quickly and with ease. And because it uses a durable tool steel instead of the pricey VG-10 of the original, it's more resistant to damage during hard use.

And when it comes to hard use, you'll appreciate that the Kihon comes with G10 scales on the handle. It gives you a far more secure grip on the knife especially when your hands are wet and slippery. You lose some of the aesthetic appeal of the all-titanium original but you get a more practical design as a result. And the steel frame lock on the reverse side still provides you with a solid lock up when the blade is deployed.

The Boker Plus Kihon G10 is an affordable production knife that in many ways can be better than the original. If you're looking for a solid and practical EDC knife with an excellent custom knife pedigree, the Kihon is the one for you. Its's made for you to actually use instead of look at in a display case. Pick one up and see how capable it is for yourself at the link below.

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TKsovereign ·
Nice looking blade though I question the word ‘pricey’ on vg-10 as I routinely see it priced lower than other quality SS blades. Having said that, remember that D2 is not...not stainless. Routine maintenance aka keeping it oiled regularly and in a good dry storage case when not in use is a must. I love my D2 Braza by Bastion and can recommend this durable steel for tough love. Lol
thewoodpecker ·
The increased cost of the VG-10 version is from the full Titanium construction. The D2 model has a G10 front scale and Stainless Steel frame lock which brings the cost down significantly.