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Pioneer Matter Wallet

Bernard Capulong
Pioneer Matter Wallet

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While the rest of us are looking forward to new gear in 2018, the future-forward gear makers at Pioneer are debuting a wallet collection that looks straight out of 2049. Dubbed the 10XD ONYX Collection, it gets its name from its unique, blacked-out material made with fibers 10X stronger than steel by weight. This ultra-durable material and other advanced manufacturing techniques come together in a new style: the Matter Wallet. It's a minimalist wallet based on a slim cardholder silhouette with enough storage to carry cash without the need for a bulky, dedicated billfold compartment.

The Matter wallet's slimness isn't just a result of its design alone. It's the ripstop material—ultra high molecular weight polyethylene—that provides durability and structure to the wallet without the need for much bulk or extra material. Besides being durable, it's also lightweight, waterproof, and abrasion resistant.

Materials aside, the Matter's pocket layout itself does a good job of balancing storage and low bulk. It's like a cross between a cardholder and a bifold with two vertically oriented card slots on either side for quick access. Behind those are pockets sized just large enough to accommodate once-folded cash or less frequently used cards. By eliminating a billfold section, the wallet can keep a trim 2.75” x 2.5” footprint when closed. And at just 1 oz., it's a solid middle ground for EDCers wanting a minimalist wallet that can still carry some cash.

You can pick up the Matter in the new black-on-black Onyx color way as well as the original black/white and blue/white versions at the link below.

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Tariq Ausaf ·
Really Nice!!
Gordon Gaines ·
Nice wallet, but I'm not paying that much for it.
Joel Williams ·
This looks awesome, but $80?? No way
blueumbrella ·
Really nice, but need $45 cash included with the wallet, at the $80 price :-)
Karl Hicks ·
Sounds great, but no RFID blocking?
Peter G Platt ·
Price point seems way off.
Henry Lefens ·
I love this wallet. and if you are into premium (non leather) materials the price makes sense.