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Boker Plus Urban Trapper Petite G10

Jonathan Tayag
Boker Plus Urban Trapper Petite G10

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As far as gent's knives go, the Boker Plus Urban Trapper has long been a crowd favorite. Its slim and slender design makes it both stylish and easy to carry. But despite its minimalist silhouette and traditional inspiration, it actually performs like a modern folder thanks to its flipper mechanism and premium materials. The Urban Trapper Petite comes as a new addition to the lineup in a more compact size with an EDC-focused, G10 scale upgrade to boot.

The black G10 scales add a decidedly tactical bent to this minimalist knife. G10 is a composite glass fiber material that offers exceptional grip, even when wet. It's a welcome addition to a slim and compact sub-3" knife like the Urban Trapper Petite. And because G10 is lightweight, it only adds 0.1 ounces to a knife that only weighed 1.1 ounces to begin with. You'll barely notice it in your pocket, especially with its reversible tip-up deep carry clip.

Everything that makes the Urban Trapper a great choice for EDC remains the same. It keeps the razor-sharp straight-edge blade made of VG-10 stainless steel, but now measures 2.75”. The handle itself remains a beautiful stonewashed titanium featuring an integral frame lock. And the flipper deployment makes one-handed opening a breeze.

For an even more compact gent's carry with plenty of practicality, check out the Urban Trapper Petite at the link below.

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Kordel Day ·
This knife is a work of art
Peyton Gleaton ·
I have the petite in my EDC pouch. Amazing little knife!! A must have!!
Cody Zinker ·
Women love this knife for their purses and the small size.
Having recently received my Ferrum Forge designed, WE manufacturer, MassDrop Gent 3" folder S35VN, G10 insert with Ti frame for $79.99 just hard to imagine spending +$100 for VG10 Chinese made knife when other good options available in the $50-$100 range. An improved steel choice would see more value... But $100 for less than 3" VG10?
Cody Zinker ·
That's a specific Amazon seller's price. If you click other sellers they have it for $77 shipped and sold by Amazon.