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How to Choose the Best Ridge Wallet for Your EDC

How to Choose the Best Ridge Wallet for Your EDC

A bulky wallet isn’t just an eye-sore, it’s also a pain to carry around. Minimalist wallets like the Ridge are becoming more and more popular with EDCers, but with so many to choose from, picking the right one can be intimidating. You can't go wrong with any of the slim wallets from Ridge, but it's good to know the benefits of each of their offerings so you can make the right choice. Whether you're after toughness, light weight, or even better ways to carry your cash, there's a wallet setup for you.

Which material is best for your EDC?

The original Ridge wallet was just two pieces of plastic held together by elastic, but it's since grown to include premium build materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. All of the materials are built to last but they each have unique properties that might make them perfect for your pockets.

Titanium is of course everyone’s favorite metal for EDC because of how strong it is for its weight, and the Ridge Wallet Ti is made entirely of the stuff. You’ll get a Grade 5 Titanium wallet that isn’t much thicker than the cards you put inside, keeping them organized and your pockets slim. At only 2.5 ounces this might be the way to go if you’re tired of lugging around a bulky wallet.

That same logic applies to the aluminum Ridge wallet, which is even lighter than the Titanium one at only 2 ounces (albeit not as tough). But if this is your first foray into a slim cardholder wallet this one is a good place to start. Like the Ridge Wallet Ti, the aluminum model can hold between 1-12 cards firmly in between its two plates and protects your information even further thanks to RFID blocking, all without breaking the bank. It's also your best bet if you're going for a color-coded carry.

If you’re looking to really lighten your load, you can also opt for the Ridge carbon fiber model. It’s the lightest of the three at ony 1.6 ounces and its 3k fiber weave matte finish isn’t only durable, it also looks good. Like the rest of the Ridge lineup it was made to be practical, so you’ll get the same 12 card capacity along with RFID protection.

Cash Strap or Money Clip?

The Ridge wallets were made to really optimize your wallet, so although it’s a cardholder wallet it’s also super easy to carry cash. All of their offerings come with either a grippy elastic strap or a money clip that keeps folded bills in place. If you opt for the models rocking the money clip, you will be sacrificing some of the slimness, but you’ll be getting a slightly more secure way to carry cash. The Cash Strap is flexible and versatile enough to secure other small, flat essentials to your wallet, making it useful even if you don't carry cash. But whether you choose the ultra slim elastic band or the tough metal cash clip, they’ll both be slimmer than the bulky wallet you’re used to. You can browse Ridge's wallet collection and configure your own at their site below.

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You can mount both as well. one for cash other for cards/receipts.
thank you for the info, was thinking to do it and just ordered the extension ^^
will place my car key in the elastic side (Renault has credit card format car key)
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