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Leatherman Collector’s Edition PST

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Leatherman Collector’s Edition PST

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"Leatherman celebrates its 35th anniversary by releasing a limited edition replica of the original Pocket Survival Tool, which was designed by none other than founder Tim Leatherman. It has 14 tools and comes with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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The original PST is a neat, well designed tool that just feels nice in your hand. If you aren't looking for a collectors edition with special engraving, and don't mind not getting the included extras like coin, t-shirt and wooden box at $275-- you can find used PSTs on eBay for around $25. I picked one up myself not to long ago, to have something to throw in my glove box. It didn't come with the leather case, but you can find those for cheap too (around $10).
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