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Ontario Carter 2quared

Jonathan Tayag
Ontario Carter 2quared

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A big job calls for a big knife. And with so many EDC knives on the smaller side, sometimes they just don't cut it. When you're looking for a bigger knife, there's more to consider than just the length of the blade. A comfortable and easy to control handle and solid construction all around are key factors, just to name a few. The new Carter 2quared from Ontario Knife Company delivers that and more. It's a robust folding EDC knife designed to help you tackle the big tasks with ease.

With one look at this knife, you can tell that it's made for hard use. This collaboration design from Robert Carter looks beefy, even overbuilt. With its titanium handle and secure frame lock, it's ready for what you can throw at it. At 4.83" long, the handle will fit your whole hand, and its ergonomic design gives you superior control. The handle also features a large finger choil in the grip, which helps guard you from cutting yourself on your own knife during hard use. 

With that, you can leverage its 3.5" hollow ground D2 sheepsfoot blade for general utility tasks and its defined tip for poking and piercing. Unlike most sheepsfoot blades, the one on the Carter 2quared has a bit of a curved belly which helps with slicing tasks. Its top swedge also helps you maneuver it through tough material with ease. With its low-index flipper tab at the spine, deployment of that blade is as easy as a flick of your finger. And when your job is done, its low profile clip lets you store it tip-up in your pockets.

With the OKC Carter 2quared in hand, you can have the confidence to take on your larger daily tasks with ease. Pick it up at the link below, and get to work.

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Josh ·
Sometimes I really just don’t understand why some knives are so expensive. This knife is $135 on Amazon right now. It’s D2 steel with a titanium handle. I paid $30 for a Schrade SCH601TI, which is also D2 and titanium. So why is this knife $100 more?
TKsovereign ·
I’d agree with you, I have a very nice flipper from Bastion and it’s with steel not titanium for handles and it is pricier too. I am sure design and name makes a difference so some poor fools will buy it. Lol... D2 is a nice steel for tough work but gonna suck come sharpen time. Hehe
Al3xKmbll ·
In so many cases you are paying for the name.
Josh ·
Yeah. This knife looks cool, and I’d definitely prefer Ontario over Schrade, but maybe $20-$30 more...not $100.
Al3xKmbll ·
totaly Agree...
Bruno ·
I don't know how it could be done but I sure wish it'd sport a pommel handle, textured grip of some kind, and a skull-crusher on the opposite end. But a serrated blade --for at least a portion of the steel--would be my #1 request though.
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