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Benchmade 407 Vallation

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Benchmade 407 Vallation

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As badass as a tactical knife might be for EDC, in the end it should provide day-to-day utility for those common tasks you'll encounter most of the time. Leave it to Benchmade with their decades of experience manufacturing both tactical and everyday knives to strike the right balance with their new 407 Vallation. It's an assisted EDC knife with subtle tactical styling and emergency features that give you the best of both worlds.

At first glance, the 407 Vallation looks like a high performance EDC blade packed with signature Benchmade technology. For starters, it features dual thumbstuds on the blade and Benchmade's AXIS lock mechanism for complete ambidextrous operation. The 3.7” drop point blade offers plenty of cutting edge to work with, combined with partial serration towards the heel of the blade for added versatility. As with most of their premium knives, Benchmade didn't skimp on the blade steel here, opting for a blackwashed CPM-S30V.

It's the smaller design details beyond the partial serrations and blacked-out colorway that give the knife its subtle, tactical edge. The most important feature is its assisted open, ensuring lightning-fast deployment just short of an auto for both everyday convenience and tactical applications alike. For all that speed, the Vallation offers excellent control through its ergonomics. The 6061-T6 aluminum handle features subtle palm swells for extra purchase, while “mohawk”-style texturing on the spine of the knife gives a precision grip that's less aggressive than traditional jimping. The secure grip on the 407's handle lends well to striking with the built-in carbide glass breaker in case of emergency, too. Last but not least, a reversible, tip-up pocket clip gives you ambidextrous carry options.

For a quick-deploying EDC blade with a few handy tactical features, check out this brand new knife from Benchmade available at the link below.

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Nate ·
And in typical Benchmade fashion, weighs as much as a boat anchor at 6.38oz. Nice features and quality though.
Joshua Zamarripa ·
Not a cheap blade... on amazon 225 :(
Kevin Ramirez ·
And theres a bunch of blades from $25 to less than $50 with similar features. That means I could trash between 5-9 of the cheaper blades and still break even....
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