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Peak Design Everyday Slings

Mikey Bautista
Peak Design Everyday Slings

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When it comes to carrying our daily essentials, less is usually more. But most of the time, we need a bit more space than our pockets can accommodate. Sure, you can always carry a bag, but when you're trying to be more mobile or keep your gear minimal, that isn't always the best solution. That's where sling bags come in handy, thanks to their purpose-driven design to both stay out of your way and keep your gear quick at hand. And with two sizes to fit your needs, Peak Design's Everyday Slings are just the ticket for a more streamlined—but still fully-capable—EDC.

The most efficient gear is usually the most effective, and with the 5L Everyday Sling, Peak made sure to make the most out of the bag's space. The 5L features two main outer pockets, one interior zipped pocket, and a padded sleeve for a small tablet. The roomier main compartment and quick-access front pocket are both secured with waterproofed, sealing zippers, while the inner pocket comes with color-coordinated slots to keep essentials like batteries and memory cards organized.

The main compartment's key feature is a unique Peak design: the FlexFold dividers. With hook and loop fields on both the front and rear of the main compartment, these dividers can be adjusted for the perfect fit for your gear whether you're carrying a simple travel setup all the way to a complete set of accessories for a camera or drone. And speaking of adjustment, the sling comes with a 3-point adjustment system with a quick-adjustment point along the main strap that lets it adapt to any body type comfortably and securely.

If you have more gear or setups than the 5L can make room for, then the Peak Design's flagship 10L sling should have the room you need, short of moving up to a full-sized messenger bag. In addition to the roomier main compartment (which you can also subdivide with the FlexFold system), the bag itself can be expanded or compressed as needed with a couple of adjustable front straps. The inner sleeve also gets more room and can comfortably fit a larger tablet or a 13” laptop. As with the 5L, the 10L also has an adjustable 3-point strap system to fit your body type and use throughout the day.

Both bags feature waterproofed synthetic canvas exteriors, securable zipper pulls, and heavy-duty straps and buckles to last the heaviest use cases as well as contents. And if black doesn't fit the rest of your carry you have an option to pick up original Ash colorway on the 5L, and an additional Charcoal on the 10L as well. Grab the 5L Everyday Sling from Amazon at the link below, and check out the 10L at the link here.

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Chuck Dee ·
I bought an Everyday Sling- 5L Ash. I bought it right after I bought the Aer Day Sling, because that's a little too small for an A5 notebook, though it does fit. This does fit that notebook. But unlike the Aer Day Sling, it doesn't quite hug my body when on my back, but sags a bit. I tried to tighten it, and I was choking myself that way. I think it's because of the depth of the bag. But it's quite functional, and a well designed bag. I still use it- I just find myself falling back on the Aer Day sling more, even though I have to be conscious of the zipper when closing it. I don't regret purchasing it, and it works well as a bag- just not so well for me as a sling.
Ben ·
The 5L is too small for me but thanks for the heads up on the 10L. I don't know how I've never seen that before. Very definitely on the wish list!