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Keyport Anywhere Tools

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Keyport Anywhere Tools

It's one thing to have the right tools for the job, but as EDCers it's important to also prepare for the unexpected. And for that, you need the right gear on you at all times. You can streamline your kit all you want, but you'd be hard pressed to find an easier way to carry an EDC's worth of functions than Keyport's system of Anywhere Tools. They're slim, light, and best of all, modular, letting you configure your setup with everything you need and nothing you don't all in a package small enough to clip to your pocket or bag with a removable clip or ride on your keychain. Whether you want to consolidate your keys and carry staple essentials like a knife and multi-tool or you want more modern conveniences like a charging cable and pocket lantern, there's a setup that's right for you.

Like any good EDC system, the Anywhere Tools cover most of your bases with 4 tool modules: the NEBA Knife, the MOCA II multi-tool, the Pocket Flare LED, and WeeLINK charging cable module. The NEBA is a slip joint knife with a 2.0” 8Cr13MoV clip point blade that deploys via nail nick. Since it's a smaller knife, it features thumb jimping on the spine of the blade for more precise control and a secure grip. The MOCA II 10-in-1 multi-tool is an impressive one-piece tool design featuring a 3D Philips head driver, flathead driver, bottle opener, box opener, rulers, bit driver, and multiple wrenches to instantly add utility to your carry without weighing you down. It keeps a low profile at just 1.8mm thin, but its 420SS stainless steel construction adds strength where it counts. The Pocket Flare LED brings 27 lumens to the table with a traditional forward-focused beam as well a diffuse, ambient lantern mode. It features a push button for easy operation and USB recharging for convenience. The WeeLINK charging cable can come in clutch for anyone who relies heavily on their tech, available in Lightning, USB-C, or micro USB connectors. Unlike regular cables, these are tangle-proof and durable thanks to their shorter length and TPU coated cables.

Since how you carry your gear is just as important as what you carry, Keyport developed the Anywhere Tools system with EDC in mind. They made the system modular without the need for added fasteners or small parts that can fail or get lost easily on tools of this size, letting you assemble and stack them together easily when you're on the go. They're compatible with Keyport's gamechanging key organizers like the Slide 3.0 and Pivot too. When combined with the Anywhere Pocket Clip and paracord pull, it's an especially convenient way to carry your main essentials. The system has more modules on the way and plenty of customizable side plates for endless configuration, so you're sure to find something that works for your day to day needs. Check out the whole system at the fully funded Indiegogo project below.

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Hey David @ Keyport, I’ve got a Pivot and love it. The only thing it needs is a pocket clip mounted to the side. I was really let down when I found out your Kickstarter pocket clips weren’t for the pivot or slide. I do have the fold out pocket hook, but it’s not the same.
David @ Keyport ·
Glad you like the Pivot, and I am sorry that we couldn't include a clip that connected to it in this campaign. Honestly, when we first developed the Pocket Clip, we didn't think to mount it to the Pivot because we were concerned about the thickness (think 4 - 6 keys + tools + a Module or two). After getting some feedback like yours over the past few months, we recognize its value (particularly for thinner units), and we have added it to our future development plans. If you drop me an email at [email protected], we can connect as I would appreciate a bit more input. Then we can reconnect and solicit your input as we get closer to completing our initial designs.
Rebecca ·
I too wish there is a pocket clip and I am glad you guys are considering it now. I honestly got so fed up with the fact there wasn't a pocket clip that I switched to another key organizer. But I would switch back to Keyport if there is a clip. When the anywhere tools cam out I got excited and jumped on it, mistakenly thinking the pocket clip went on the Keyport itself. That was partially my mistake I should have looked closer and realized, although the advertisement was a little vague.
Rebecca ·
I agree and have been asking the same thing.
Billy ·
Loving the modular market really brings another perspective to the market, switch and side at convenience is helpful and unique. Another tool is MultiGrip multiool that I have been using regularly
Britt ·
Not really something one can actually review, seeing as how there is no product today. Or tomorrow. Or next month. There’s lots of vaporware out there... just sayin’
David @ Keyport ·
Hey Britt, I appreciate the sentiment as crowdfunding campaigns certainly include an element of risk. Keyport has been around since '05 (Keyport Slide V.01 was the first key organizer to be picked up in the mainstream media), and this is our third crowdfunding campaign. We currently anticipate beginning to ship Kickstarter rewards in October and pre-orders soon thereafter.
Britt ·
The last time I did a kickstarter it was over a year before product shipped... a year past when they said shipping would start. So, you know the saying, once burned, twice shy.
David @ Keyport ·
We get it. But I would encourage you to keep an open mind for future products as it is definitely a different feeling helping to bring something to market than it is purchasing from retail post-launch.
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NotoriousAPP ·
Cool tool....but Jesus, enough with the 8Cr13MoV blades. It's 2018, we can do so much better than that these days.
Britt ·
Means, made in China. Which COULD be okay, but, I’d have to see it first.
David @ Keyport ·
We are working with a top tier manufacturer who manufactures knives for a range of high profile U.S. companies. We chose the 8Cr13MoV as the most cost-effective, high quality solution for our standard NEBA Pocketknife as not everyone is as informed as the EDC community on the different materials. Once we get these tools into production, I am quite certain that we will be doing some limited runs with an upgrade on the blade material. What blade steel would you be interested in for a limited run?
Britt ·
8cr13mov is fine steel, as long as you keep on top of the manufacturer and keep quality up to American standards. I really like my Spyderco tenacious for example.