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T'Spin Titanium Travel Tool

Jonathan Tayag
T'Spin Titanium Travel Tool

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It's always the small things that tend to get forgotten when we travel. That's why having a capable multi-tool on hand is important, but most aren't something you can take with you when you fly. And when it comes to their actual functions, even the most travel-friendly multi-tools aren't designed for the challenges of traveling. Enter the T'Spin, a useful gadget designed for frequent fliers, by frequent fliers. It packs a set of travel essential tools not commonly found in other designs into a fun and EDC-friendly package made of premium materials.

The tool set of the T'Spin truly sets it apart from other travel everyday carry options. It starts with storage space for two SIM cards and the tool you need to install and remove them from your phone. That's one of the last things you end up packing and you'll end up regretting it hard when you're desperately trying to search for an alternative in a foreign country where you probably don't speak the language. Plus, there's even a notch built into the tool that lets you prop up your phone so you can catch up on the shows you've downloaded to it during long-haul flights without needing to hold it with your hands constantly. When it's time to stow everything away for arrival, the body of the tool is designed to let you wrap around a USB cord to keep it from tangling up in your bag or your pockets. And for life's small but important tasks, there's a micro screwdriver built in and sized perfectly to help you fix and maintain your glasses in a pinch. When it comes time to unwind, the integrated and ever-essential bottle opener helps you crack open a cold one for you and your travel companions.

For a tool that you're going to want to carry everywhere you go, the T'Spin's premium titanium construction means it can stand up to whatever you throw at it without breaking or corroding. It helps keep it very lightweight too, weighing in at 35 grams even when you throw in the included fidget spinner function. It's not essential but it's certainly fun and can help when you're feeling anxious or stressed out by flying and traveling in general. And on a more practical note, the design of the T'Spin includes a carabiner swing gate to attach it to your gear as well.

With its unique assortment of travel EDC essentials, the T'Spin makes a compelling case for a spot in your everyday carry. And if you make a pledge to secure one right now, you can save quite a bit off the sticker price as a way of saying thanks for getting this unique project off the ground. Check it out and learn more about the T'Spin multitool at the Kickstarter link below.

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Britt ·
Not interested in kickstarters where IF they get funded, I’ll get it a year from now. I’ve been burned that way before.
Chuck Dee ·
It's a lot about trust in the company and doing your due diligence. I've backed things on Kickstarter that never end up in the retail channels, so there's that too. But it's really a personal choice based on allowance for risk. Ive backed over 700 projects with a failure rate of little less than 3%, and honestly in several of those cases, the indicators were there, but I missed it in my fervor for the product or it was an honest failure.
This. People will never learn. Not to mention that nothing on crowdfunding sites has a warranty or post-purchase support. Say you receive a dud- they don't even have enough stock to replace your year-long-wait purchase.

Anybody with the wits, and stamina to "fund" something like this deserves the broken phone or scratched screen/body they'll 100% definitely get when the kickstand feature of this aluminum -chisel- tool fucks their phone sideways.
I’m really not that bitter. Though I have found kickstarters to be ‘iffy’.
Actually looks like a cool gadget!