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Pioneer Flyfold Wallet

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Bernard Capulong
Pioneer Flyfold Wallet

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When it comes to picking a great EDC wallet, it all comes down to finding the right balance for your needs. Some wallets are made of metal to keep them slim and strong, but they're not the most comfortable and can't carry cash that well. Pioneer's latest wallet, the Flyfold, takes a more balanced approach. It's a familiar bifold design, meaning it can accommodate cards and cash with ease, but made with cutting edge construction and futuristic fabrics to keep it worthy of your EDC.

The Flyfold's technical fabrics and construction are what sets it apart from other wallets in its class. At the core of Pioneer's 10XD fabric are fibers 10 times stronger than steel by weight, resulting in a material that's totally waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, and uniquely grippy thanks to its densely woven nylon ripstop exterior. This material is more comfortable to carry and easier to grip than metal, yet more durable and lighter weight than leather. To match the advanced materials, Pioneer uses advanced construction methods on the Flyfold too. Lamination of the material and seams cuts significantly on bulk compared to traditional sewing methods, while bartack reinforcements at high stress points make the wallet especially robust.

All this technology lets the Flyfold take on a more familiar form factor of a traditional bifold without the usual drawbacks like getting bulky or wearing out. Its full-length billfold section easily fits notes with no folding necessary, making carrying cash a non-issue compared to most minimalist wallets. Two internal RFID-secure card slots are sized to hold 5 cards each (10 total) with enough space to fan the cards out for quick and easy access.

If you want a high-tech, nearly indestructible minimalist wallet that's as easy to use as your old favorite leather bifold, the Flyfold might be the one for you.

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Awesome! Though am a big fan of Disc Wallets!