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In general the type of battery a flashlight uses really defines what it can and can't do. Lights with larger batteries offer more lumens and runtime, but they're usually much less pocket-friendly. EAGTAC's DX3B Mini Pro delivers the specs and performance you'd expect from a light twice its size thanks to its compact, built-in 18350 battery. It's a feature-packed pocket rocket boasting an 1830 lumen output in a truly EDC-friendly form factor.

The best part about using an 18350 light is the battery itself. While it's shorter in stature (35mm vs the 18650's 65mm, hence the designation), it loses none of the power output of its big brother. This means that when paired with the Cree XHP50.2 LED, you get an almost ridiculous 1830 ANSI lumens on the DX3B Mini Pro's highest level, scorching all the way to 165 yards with its deep reflector. Understandably, you lose some capacity in exchange for the smaller size, but you still get up to 20 hours of runtime on its lowest 21 ANSI lumen Low mode. Navigating its five levels (with more programmable) is done via a side button, which also doubles as a battery indicator.

EAGTAC have also thrown in some key features to round out the DX3B Mini Pro for EDC. An 800mAh 18350 battery is included as part of its kit, with charging built right into the light via a micro USB port. A crenelated stainless steel bezel protects the business end from drops and impact while also letting you see if you've left the light on when placed head-down. If you need longer runtimes, the DX3B also comes with an 18650 extension tube so you can take advantage of higher-capacity batteries you may already have on hand. The light makes the most of its size for EDC with a 2.6-ounce weight and 3.4” length, along with additional carry options by way of a 2-way removable deep pocket clip and magnetic (tailstanding) tailcap.

With power that belies its size and features that make the most of its platform, the EAGTAC DX3B Mini Pro is a compelling contender for your next pocket rocket. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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