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Screwpop Tether

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When it comes to inexpensive yet effective keychain solutions for EDC, few do it better than Screwpop. From compact carriers to tiny tools, their products solve problems you didn't even know you had. Their latest release, the Tether, takes on the task of managing a common EDC issue—your keys. It's a minimal, but expandable way to stack and store all your keys, while adding a hardy bit of functionality, too.

The Tether's system is simple: two 6061-T6 anodized aluminum plates are held together by up to 4 sizes of O-rings, anchored to nubs riveted onto each plate. This allows you to carry as many as 24 keys in a stack, folding out Swiss Army Knife-style similar to other key organizers. The Tether also comes with a compact stainless steel bottle opener, sized to sit alongside your keys, ready to pop a cold one at a moment's notice.

As with other Screwpop products, the Tether is meant to be carried, and it pulls this off with an included keyring attachment. The aluminum plates measure only 3.25”, barely the length of the two stacks of keys they hold, and the Tether's entire kit weights under an ounce, making it a very pocket-friendly package.

Screwpop continues their pursuit of pocket essentials that are affordable in price and in space. Pick up their new Tether from Amazon at the link below.

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Paul Tobeck ·
Good idea. Way easier than the fiddly screws most designs use. Only thing I would question would be the durability of the O-rings, if they're regular rubber ones, riding in pockets with other items. One nick is all it takes when they're stretched. Could always upgrade to silicone o-rings, but they'd be quite a bit stiffer/less stretchy. Maybe pony-tail bands would work as well, but you'd have to replace them more often.
jag-engr ·
I’m curious about the material choice, as well. EPDM would be ideal.
Kimberly Stone ·
Screwpop also makes a keychain gizmo that holds a chapstick-sized tube of lip balm. As a Lip Balm Advocate, I approve!