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CRKT Provoke Knife

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CRKT Provoke Knife

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"CRKT worked with Caswell Knives to create the Provoke, a modern take on the karambit knife. The Provoke’s kinematic opening mechanism pops the blade open when you press on its upper crossbar while your fingers are wrapped around..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Savage7 ·
ANYONE?? I just got ripped off, I guess. I put 'CRKT Provoke' into Google Shopping, and what appeared to be a very legit biz, "had one on sale" for around $120. I had never been burned by a company listed in Google shopping, and I didn't think that I would EVER find one at that price, so I went for it. The store made no mention or appeared to be from/in China, (but I DO remember that I was in a bit of a hurry, and didn't have time to thoroughly research the co.
I waited so long for it, I forgot that I bought it. The other day, I get a pkg in the mailbox, with Asian print all over it. I opened the well-padded, bubble envelope, and there was a box - thick, strong, that pulled apart (thicker even than an Apple box, and pulled apart the same way). It was navy blue, not the FIRST word on it. I opened it, and in the thick, good quality foam, a Provoke-shaped cutout, with a black, Provoke CLONE, and a SUPER-NICE, QUALITY, sheath, with a high tech belt clip on it. I had only seen photos of the Provoke. I took out the knife. I HAD heard of Provoke knockoffs, that, according to the owners', were really crap. But THIS one, I don't KNOW. I've played around with it a lot, I'm NOT a knife expert - if an expert is "10" then I guess I would be maybe a 7.3 - something like that. The rivets in the knife seem strong, it has a very smooth action, it locks right into place. The only difference that I see, is, it does NOT say "CRKT" on the blade. Instead, it says, in small, goldish-looking characters, "D2" on the blade. Now, I think D2 is the tool steel that the Provoke's blade is made of. Whether or not this blade is really D2 or not, I have no idea. I rubbed my finger on the blade, and it did NOT feel that sharp. BUT, I then tried shaving a patch of my very hairy forearm, and it shaved it off like a 5-bladed Gilette face-razor. I very gently rubbed the tip of the blade down my forearm, to feel the sharpness of the point. It felt sharp, alright, but I know that even the cheapest of knives, if I were to rub the point down my arm, would feel sharp. I WAS a little surprised, a little while later, when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a long, bright red, bleeding cut, down my arm. And I really had rubbed it on my arm very gently. The blade IS sharp. Will it hold up to cutting thick box after box, rope, limbs, etc., ? I guess THAT will be the test. OR, what SEEMS like a sturdy, very heavy frame, with what appears to be strong, tight, well-made screws and rivets
Savage7 ·
(didn't mean to hit ENTER!!)...
(CONT'D...) Anyway, the screws and rivets are tight, everything, including the blade (when closed) is even, congruent; nothing is off by even a hair, that I can see, and I've plaid with it a good bit. The lock is no SPydie PM Compression lock, but it works fine. Nothing, not the blade, or ANY part of the knife has ANY play in it, at all. I'm really confused. Oh, it also had a good bit of oil all over the blade and knife, when I first got it - that was a bit of an exaggeration - it didn't have so much that it appeared that they just poured oil all over the knife, to appear as if they had really made sure to appear to treat it...it had just enough, it had definitely been oiled. I think I'm going to start carrying it, and just use it for everything. No purposeful abuse, but no going easy on it. I have a FEELING that
Savage7 ·
Damn, again?? Sorry!
(Cont'd, AGAIN)...
I have a feeling that this thing, esp. after a good sharpening, will hold up for a good while, maybe a LONG time. If the frame doesn't fall apart, or the blade chip on a twig; and if it really is D2 (Idk how I'll know, though), but if the blade keeps cutting like a razor, and can take a good sharpening, everything keeps up like a real Provoke does, I don't really care if it IS a knockoff. It feels real good in my hand, and I saved $70-80. I'll keep you updated..
Very innovative, but the placement of the ring bugs me. The ring should be tangential to the front of the handle so that when the handle is gripped, the fingers are all aligned. But with the ring aligned with the centerline of the handle, the finger in the ring is not aligned comfortably with the other fingers.
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