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Nitecore NTP30 Tactical Pen

Bernard Capulong
Nitecore NTP30 Tactical Pen

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Sometimes it's best to keep certain gear in your EDC on the down low. Keeping self defense tools and tactical gear hidden in plain sight might give you an advantage, not to mention avoid drawing unwanted attention in urban settings. Few tactical pens on the market do this, but Nitecore's new NTP30 pen is an exception. Not only does it ditch the usual all-black, aggressively knurled stylings of most tactical pens, but it even conceals its ultra-tough tungsten tip. Best of all, it combines some EDC-favorite features—titanium and bolt action—into one sleek design.

Designed with everyday carry in mind, the NTP30 boasts a TC4 titanium alloy construction throughout. It gives the pen the right mix of light weight at less than one ounce, durability, and corrosion resistance for daily use wherever you end up. But because not all pens should disappear into the pocket or hang off a keychain, especially if it doubles as a self defense tool, the NTP30 measures 5.6" in length. It's compact enough for easy pocket carry with its included titanium alloy clip, but long enough for a balanced and comfortable writing experience.

Another key feature unique to the NTP30 is its bi-directional bolt action mechanism. Engaging it towards the front of the pen advances its included Schneider ink refill, which is both waterproof and fade-resistant to perform even in inclement conditions. The accommodates 8 other compatible refills too, including popular Parker refills. Pushing the bolt in the other direction reveals its tactical glassbreaker tip. It's made of an extremely hard tungsten steel, making it useful for emergency situations, self-defense, or even marking and imprinting most materials.

Between its go-anywhere pen component or its concealed tungsten tip, the NTP30 means businesses at both ends. All it takes is a little bolt action. Check out this titanium jotter in more detail and grab one for your everyday carry at the link below.

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John Homan ·
Cool pen. Looks like quality. Would have been nice to mention it's $120.00 at Amazon. That puts it out of reach for most folks.
Josh ·
Is this the first pen Nitecore has made? Seems pricey.
CampDiplIng ·
Got it.
Gelion cartridge was a mess, Faber Castell L ballpen suffered from me greasing the tip.
After decreasing and honing the tip a bit (to slightly enlarge the opening) Kaweco ballpen cartridge is doing fine...
Jens ·
Which model are those Ironclad gloves in the pictures ?
They look nice, too.
Mark ·
I wish I had that type of cash to toss at a pen.
If I did, I still would not do it.
Montana Actual ·
So expensive. Nice, I want one, but will never spend that much for a pen.
Goldthunder ·
I love the space pen, have multiples... one in work pants, at home, in truck etc. I have no complaints but wouldn’t mind to try something else... any suggestions? Sleek, practical, easy refill
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