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Case Kickstart Mid-Folding Hunter

Mikey Bautista
Case Kickstart Mid-Folding Hunter

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When it comes to the latest and greatest designs, tech, and materials, Case is a knife company that likes to take its time. Known best for their traditional slipjoint knives, their offerings hearken back to the era of our fathers and their fathers, when a knife was an invaluable companion. But that doesn’t mean that innovation is completely off the table. Case’s new Kickstart series shows the old dog can learn some new tricks, pairing legacy knife design with modern EDC features, materials, and performance. It has the signature, tried-and-true design born from over a hundred years of knifemaking experience made with more robust materials, one-handed usability, and sized perfectly for an everyday knife.

From afar, the Kickstart looks every bit like the Case signature slipjoint. But that's where the resemblance ends. Rather than a simple set of clip-point or sheepsfoot blades deployed via a nail nick, the Kickstart instead employs a modern deployment mechanism by way of a one-handed, assisted-opening pair of dual thumbstuds. This lets you easily flip out its beautiful, mirror-polished Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade (sized right under 3” that's ideal for EDC), a special high-carbon steel with exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance. The blade itself comes in a unique mid-folding hunter clip shape, with a stark, sweeping top edge that terminates in a strong point for piercing tasks, and a long, 2.875” belly for slicing.

The Kickstart's handle comes in Black Canvas Laminate, a rugged blend of synthetic materials that's scratch-resistant and textured for an effective grip. It's impervious to the decay and damage that would normally come with a wood or bone handle, while allowing for expanded options of texture and color. On the front of the Kickstart is Case's bowtie logo, while on the back is a feature you don't often see on traditional knives—a clip—making this an even more compelling knife to carry.

There's no need to choose between a traditional and modern knife—the Kickstart shows that the old school can still be the new cool. Pick up this made-in-the-USA modern classic at the Amazon link below.

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Jerzy ·
Like the majority of Case knives, it looks lovely. I bet, however, that like every other Case knife I've handled, it has lateral blade play.
Benjamin K ·
I hear you brother... I have a Yellow Trapperlock that I just adore, but I can't figure out why such a fine company has put out a knife with blade play so bad that I can hear it rattle if I wiggle the knife a little bit... Still in love with the knife though, its just like being in love with an otherwise lovely girl who has an annoying accent lol