EDC 2019

Tokyo, Japan
Replaced and updated essentials that I carry on me.
Still looking for a better card wallet, one where I can take out my parking pass in&out with my bike gloves on.

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Kevin J Meyer ·
Did you ever run into any problematic situations with the authorities, carrying a pocket knife in Japan?

And would you recommend taking the Leatherman Style PS with me, while I visit Japan this fall?
kingeggman ·
I'd say if you weren't going to attract any attention to be questioned in the first place, you'll be good, but there is a risk involved.

Though according to our gun/blade laws, a pocket knife with a blade length under 6cm's are approved legal, carrying a blade without some sort of "good reason", can be considered as concealing a weapon, thus charged as a minor offence. Its kinda radical, but that's the logic that is often used.
There are many cases where police question someone and when they find some sort of utility blade or pocket knife with no "good reason" they confiscate them. (there are incidents where they even try to take you're scissors!) Its mostly up to the officer's judgement.

So, depending on how long you're staying, you might want to just leave the blade and not have to worry. I just take the risk and take it with me, because the number of times needing a tool durring the week far exceeds the number of times I had to explain myself, or run into the police and I'll have to live with it living here.

Nevertheless, hope you'll enjoy you're trip to Japan!
lunamoth ·
How are you wearing a watch and fitness tracker? one hand? or both hands?
kingeggman ·
I wear both of them on my left wrist.
One of the reasons I chose the Alta over the other fitbit models was that it was slimmer.
How do you like the Fitbit Alta HR? I'm thinking about getting one. How did you make the paracord strap for it?
kingeggman ·
I've used the Alta for about 2 years and just upgraded to the Alta HR for the added features.
I preferred it over the other fitbit models because its slimmer and I wear it with my watch on the same wrist.
The strap is just a cobra weave. The connector parts for the alta, were taken off from a cheap third-party replacement bracelet band.
Kevin ·
It's nice to hear you have used old one over 2 years and no issue with it.Thanks for your reply.
Why do you carry two wallets everyday?
I can’t edit. What do you carry in your two wallets everyday. I use a P wallet for cards,passes I’m wondering if your daka is enough for lpublic travel passes
kingeggman ·
Hi, thanks.
I think the daka should be enough if you can go cashless with only a couple of cards.
In Japan not many random stores take cashless payments, most of the time it works only with large franchises. So my note sleeve stays my main wallet.

The reason was kinda backwards, but I needed to carry a pass case for my parking pass, but I didn't want to take out my main wallet while riding on my bike.
This pass for parking lot I use, needs to be slotted in to be scanned so it requires me to take the card out each time.

I'm still in search of a better combo, and you're question is kinda mine too at this point.
I'll need to look into card wallets or simple pass/ID cases.
I live in the states and I have been cashless for going on two years now. I am shocked that we are ahead of Japan with this, considering how much tech they pioneer.

I do keep a large denomination bill on the inside of my lifeproof case for emergencies, but two years and going and still never had to use it.

All the same, nice carry, and thanks for sharing!
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