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Casio G-Shock GA-2000-1A2 Carbon Core

Jonathan Tayag
Casio G-Shock GA-2000-1A2 Carbon Core

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When you absolutely, positively need a timepiece that can stand up to some serious abuse, look no further than the Casio G-Shock. Their durable, built-tough designs are made to last through it all, from the harshest outdoor conditions to the bumps and bangs of your daily grind in the city. Their reliability has been tried and tested for decades, but in 2019 they've improved the formula even further with their new Carbon Core GA-2000-1A2. It takes inspiration from aerospace design by integrating carbon fiber throughout the watch to make a new G-Shock that's lighter than ever.

To make the Carbon Core case, Casio mixes resin with carbon fiber. The mixture results in a case that's actually more durable than either of those materials alone, and lighter in weight at 64 grams—10 grams less than most G-Shocks. But don't mistake light weight for fragility, as the monocoque construction is still designed to stand up to severe shock, and it also enjoys water resistance down to 200 meters. As a timepiece the GA-2000-1A2 excels, with accurate Japanese quartz movement and an ultra-legible design that features both digital and analogue readouts. The three-dimensional face adds a bit of flair in the design but it also provides clear separation between the analog and digital subsystems, making it easier to differentiate the two when, say you are keeping track of multiple time zones, or timing things with the stopwatch or countdown complications.

The high visibility extends to the attractive dual-tone blue and black styling on the 1A2. And if you're looking for other colorways, you can find the GA-2000 in a black and yellow treatment, as well as a more military-style navy blue, olive drab, and tan option as well. Whether you're a newcomer to G-Shock or a longtime fan, the new Carbon Core would make a great addition to your EDC. Check it out and pick one up for yourself today at the link below.

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Montana Actual ·
G-Shock needs to get into the Smart Watch game. Team up with android and they would do some seriously good things.
&be married to gargoyle, er, I meant google.
Lon V ·
I guess this is as close to analog as Gshock will get. LOL
William T Hundt ·
Just placed an order last evening. The GA-2000-2A Navy in color.