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Victorinox Hunter Pro Red Alox

Adam Molina
Victorinox Hunter Pro Red Alox

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As one of the most popular makers of multi-functional gear, you can trace Victorinox tools back through generations of pockets. The company is best known for its Swiss Army Knives, with their Alox-handled (aluminum with a protective layer of anodic oxidation) knives being especially popular among the EDC crowd. Just in time for warm weather outdoor adventures, Victorinox is giving their Hunter Pro the Alox treatment in their iconic red colorway. It gives this rugged, outdoor-ready knife some high-visibility on the campsite while also making it a stylish statement piece in your urban EDC.

The Hunter Pro Red Alox is not to be confused with its smaller cousins in the Victorinox lineup. It was designed for the outdoors, which means that the use case for the Hunter Pro is more than opening packages in the office. When the cutting jobs get tougher, the knife needs to remain up to the task. That’s why this comes with 3.8” drop-point blade and a matching 5” handle for maximum comfort while slicing. The ribbed Alox scales also help with grip so every cut is taken with confidence. The lockback mechanism also keeps the blade securely in place when you don’t need it, but deploys in a pinch thanks to the large thumbhole.

Making gear rugged enough for the outdoors doesn’t mean that carrying it has to be inconvenient. Victorinox knows a thing or two about designing for your pockets after all, and thankfully it comes with a removable clip for deep pocket carry. If you want to be more discreet it also comes with a paracord lanyard which makes it easier to retrieve from your pocket or bag and also might come in handy if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

With its versatile carryability, tough blade, and ergonomic grip the Hunter Pro knife already had a lot to offer. And now the instantly recognizable Red Alox makes it easy to appreciate whether you’re commuting to work or headed out into the woods for the weekend. If you want a tough knife from a trusted brand, make sure to scoop one up by clicking the link below.

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Chanaski ·
You said this opens with a "large thumbhole", but I don't see one in the picture. How does this knife open?
DaBull ·
It"s a 2 handed opener. There is a model with a thumb hole
DaBull ·
Just got this this knife, absolutely love it. For a large knife carries very well.
Cliff ·
Looks great, but you wrote a full 3 paragraph description; not disclosing the blade steel is a disservice to knife enthusiasts... Makes me assume sub-par blade steel. Love the look though. Thank you.
jimjimbobim ·
I hope they make a flipper version