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Benchmade 318-2 Proper Carbon Fiber

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Benchmade 318-2 Proper Carbon Fiber

Taking a classic and making it feel brand new, if not even better than the original, is no easy task. But judging by its popularity in the EDC community, the recently released Benchmade Proper delivered as a modern version of a classic gent's folding knife with its attractive mix of a refined, timeless design and premium, high-performance materials. Now, Benchmade's newest addition to the Proper family, the 318-2, takes both style and performance to the next level. It features a more modern look and feel thanks to its lightweight yet robust carbon fiber scaling, paired with a premium S90V steel blade. For fans of the original, the Proper 318-2 debuts as a sophisticated upgrade for a classy EDC.

Despite the more modern cut of the new Proper knife, it retains its timeless modern gent's features. The blade remains a compact 2.82” clip-point, manually opened with a nick on the blade and held in place lightly with a slipjoint mechanism. But unlike your grandfather's old knife, the new Proper is made out of premium CPM-S90V stainless steel for better edge retention, and a higher hardness rating ranging from 59-61 HRC compared to the original Proper's S30V blade. Also new with this variant of the knife is its distressed stonewash on the blade, which makes for a more discreet carry compared to the original's shinier finish.

And where the original Proper knife had canvas Micarta handles, the new 318-2 features an attractive carbon fiber scaling on the handles that matches well with the darker blade and the black stainless steel hardware on the knife. The use of carbon fiber also makes the new Proper approximately 0.1 ounce lighter than the original, at 2.11 ounces in total. Either way, the new Proper makes for a very convenient carry option in your pockets, sitting comfortably until you need it.

If you've been on the fence about picking up a Benchmade Proper, this new, more modern carbon fiber variant represents the best so far. With improved steel and a look that's more modern yet still timeless and practical, this knife is a great choice for you to pick up today at the link below.

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Discussion (4 total)

highbob ·
Hmm, 240 bucks for a slip-joint knife? Even with the carbon-fiber scales, that’s a ridiculous price. Knock about $150 off, and I might begin to think about it. I own a couple Mini-Grips and a Benchmade hunter, but I’d never pay this price for a mass-produced blade such as this.
Goldthunder ·
Noooo Benchmade , just no! Do the carbon fiber to another model
Chet ·
But where's the carbon fiber griptilian....
Ernest Jimenez III ·
What pen is that in picture one? Very nice looking knife and pen. Thanks!