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Pioneer 3PN Wallets

Mikey Bautista
Pioneer 3PN Wallets

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For many people, the humble wallet is an afterthought. Pick your size, choice of material, and carrying capacity, and off you go. But for the material wizards at Pioneer, a wallet can be as robust and cutting-edge as the rest of your modern EDC. They’re known best for taking simple card carriers and billfolds to the next level with advanced construction and fabrics, continuing the trend with their latest collection. Sporting a bold new material both in color and performance, their new 3PN (3-ply nylon) wallets offer a state-of-the-art solution for your everyday cash and card carrying needs.

If you’ve owned a Pioneer wallet before, you may be familiar with the high-tech 10XD fabric used in most of their wallets. It has fibers 10 times stronger than steel by weight, totally waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, and uniquely grippy thanks to its densely woven nylon ripstop exterior. But as good as 10XD is, it has its limitations—ones that the new material in their stable, 3PN, aims to solve. 3PN is an ultra-dense 3-ply nylon ripstop that comes in a beautiful matte finish and offers a more tactile handfeel. And beauty is a key word here—it allows for new colors to be used for your wallet, so you’re no longer limited to the simple black and onyx prior models came with. No matter which Pioneer wallet you choose, from the simple and efficient Molecule cardholder to the spacious Division billfold, you have 3PN options in slate and evergreen colorways to best match your EDC aesthetic.

3PN also performs as well as it looks. It’s even stronger than the previous 10XD fabric while somehow being even thinner, putting most leather wallets’ girths (even while empty) to shame. And even better than DWR or waterproofing solutions, the material simply does not absorb water, which means near-perfect resistance in everyday weather, a guarantee of protection for rugged activities, or insurance for those unfortunate times when you forget your wallet in your clothes when doing the laundry. And not that it needed it, but the advanced construction on all Pioneer wallets such as lamination of the material and seams get less wear and tear due to the minimization of water damage, too.

When you’re ready for the ultimate upgrade for your wallet, check out Pioneer’s 3PN collection at the link below.

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racquetman ·
Hmmmm, if this 3PN material is available in some of their products, it's not readily apparent on their website. I can find no mention of it whatsoever.
Mikey Bautista ·
Hi raquetman, thanks for the feedback. I've notified Pioneer and they are updating the site to reflect the 3PN material on the new sage/evergreen wallet colorways so that should be updated shortly.
racquetman ·
Thanks, Mike ... and, yes, they have now updated their website.