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Trending: Spyderco Roadie

Bernard Capulong
Trending: Spyderco Roadie

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Trending on the charts for this Saturday Slicer is a sleek Spyderco slipjoint, the Roadie. Don't let its size fool you—with a closed length of 3" and a blade just a hair over 2", it still manages to handle plenty of EDC cutting tasks. The blade features Bohler N690 steel in a useful sheepsfoot shape, making it useful for slicing and scoring alike. Since it's a slipjoint, it opens with a smaller "thumbhole" type nick in a satisfying snap. Some jimping and a finger choil help add grip to the Roadie's ergonomic reinforced fiberglass handle. Its combination of light weight, small size, and non-locking mechanism make it a blade you can carry in most locales, especially in bigger cities and in the UK, for example. For minimalists looking for a great barely-there EDC blade they can carry almost anywhere, check out the Roadie at the link below.

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AJ Mayfield ·
I own and carry a variety of pocketknives, most of them rather small by current popular standards. I like all of them, whether expensive (William Henry Ventana, eg) or inexpensive (Cold Steel Lucky one and various SAKs, for the most part). Vintage Case penknives are another example. For many years, the one knife you'd be guaranteed to find in my right front pocket was the Victorinox Bantam Alox. I still feel that it's one of the most useful small EDCs available (discontinued, but still available if you search). However, from the first day I received the Spyderco Roadie in my mailbox, it has taken over that spot. Never have I held a more ergonomic pocketknife, useful for so many tasks I can't possibly enumerate them. The genius of the double-choil, short-handle, four finger grip, together with its modified Wharnecliffe, wedge-ground blade is that the Roadie fits every hand, takes up no room in your pocket, and is both edgy-pointy-tough enough for most daily tasks while at the same time is undeniably ultralight, unassuming, and un-threatening. Ostensibly designed for two-hand opening, users quickly discover that the double-dent allows for easy one-hand opening when you need it. The steel isn't "top tier," but it isn't low end by any means. It takes a keen edge and holds it for a long time. For the true Roadie aficionado, you can even raise the bar by convexing the edge. I have, and a quick 30 seconds on a strop each week keeps my Roadie shaving sharp. Truly one of Spyderco's most useful knives that everyone should carry everyday!
Bernard Capulong ·
Great review, thanks for your input! I love mine as well living in NYC knife laws can be pretty strict. The Roadie is a champ