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Trending: SOG Baton Q1

Bernard Capulong
Trending: SOG Baton Q1

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This Tool Tuesday our trending charts for the week bring us an urban-focused multi-tool in an unconventional form factor. The SOG Baton Q1 opts for a design resembling a marker, looking right at home in a briefcase or admin panel of a backpack at school or work. But beside the more obvious pen functionality, opening up the Baton Q1 reveals a pair of spring-assisted scissors, a bottle opener, and a flathead screwdriver—a well-rounded feature set that rounds out your bases without raising eyebrows. The pen section comes with a pressurized D1 ink refill for write-anywhere performance and accommodates any compatible D1 refill. The Baton Q1's 6" body is made from a two-tone anodized aluminum for durability and light weight, while an included minimalist pocket clip rides discreetly and easily in your pocket. For a stylish and discreet multi-tool to carry into the city or during your travels, check out the TSA-compliant SOG Baton Q1 tactical pen at the link below.

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Savage7 ·
Does,anyone happen to know of a pen (if made), a sturdy, good pen, that is lighted (for writing in the dark), with something such as Tritium(?), [*Am I right ab. Tritium, in that it glows forever (or a couple hundred yrs, etc..??)] Anyway, I'm always needing to write in the dark, as not to disturb others who are sleeping. I've had the cheapish pens that just about light up the whole room - I only need enough to illuminate about a '50-cent' piece-size of the page. If no one knows of a pen that's illuminated by Tritium, what's your favorite lighted pen, that writes good (I really prefer roller ball) and doesn't need "must-frequently-change" expensive little batteries? I'd prefer more of an EDC/somewhat rugged pen, vs. one that might typically be used by the average 6th grade girl, to write in her diary.
If I could make my ultimate pen, titanium (or maybe a less expensive, but still strong material), not too long or thin; possibly screw-apart, or telescoping; one that accepts SPACE cartridges, but smooth writing is one of the most important aspects, to me, as well as extreme-fast-drying, smudge-free cartridge, that comes in Blk, Blu, Red. A good, long, very strong clip; a strong hole for a keychain; a durable stylus tip, at the other end. It would be lit by something like Tritium, just a faint, but strong ENOUGH illumination, so I have no problem seeing to write, in pitch dark. Might like to have a tiny "window" showing how much ink I have left. I would like to have maybe a very strong (might have to BE titanium) tooth/ice pick, or maybe better, a very thin knifeblade - prob. a double-sided, dagger-style, very strong knife, that screwed out of the stylus-end. Even a short one is better than nothing. I want it strong enough so that if I drop it on a hard floor, it survives. That would prob. be my "dream-pen." Should anyone know of anything out there already, that is close at all to this, PLEASE shoot me a note. Thanks a lot..