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ToolBro Leather Tool Holster

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ToolBro Leather Tool Holster

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"WJMake’s handmade leather organizer is designed to hold three everyday essentials – a pocket multitool, a compact flashlight, and a pen, all ready for quick access on your belt. Be sure to check the Etsy listing to ensure your tools will fit. Available with side loops, or..." (via The Awesomer)

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Sam Nead ·
FYI: I had a quick Etsy text conversation with this holster maker. I was asking (1) if he had made a holster with both a clip and belt loop - he has not. (2) Whether he had made a holster for the new Leatherman 'Free' series - he has not. He added that he could produce both with no problem. If he had an order for the Leatherman Free, he would purchase the tool for means of measuring its build size. I also threw him the idea of making a holster with the belt loops and a loop-and-snap attachment on the back (instead of the clip) so it could be easily added to a molle system. He is VERY willing to accommodate these ideas and responded to me within minutes via his Etsy website