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CIVIVI Baklash

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Jonathan Tayag
CIVIVI Baklash

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Let’s face it, you’ve probably had your fair share of sticker shock when shopping for an EDC knife, especially if you’re just starting out in the world of everyday carry. You might even see how materials, design, and craftsmanship can justify some of these high prices. But if you’re on a tight budget, grail-worthy knives are just out of reach. Luckily, there are some quality entry-level knives that can perform well for EDC, like the new CIVIVI Baklash. If you’re unfamiliar with CIVIVI, it’s the budget-oriented line of WE Knife Co, who themselves have become popular for offering premium knife designs at a great value. They aim to shake up the entry-level EDC knife space, and with the Baklash, they’re just getting started.

The Baklash features a full-size 3.5“ spear-point blade made of corrosion-resistant 9Cr13MoV steel with a hollow grind that makes it sharper than your standard entry-level knife. The metallurgical composition of the steel places is slightly higher than most budget pieces as well, with slightly more carbon content making for a harder knife that can keep an edge for relatively longer than its competitors. And because it’s not a super-premium steel, it makes the Baklash itself a great value for money, letting the rest of its design shine even further.

The G10 scaling in the handle makes it easy to grip in your hands, giving you enough purchase and control over the blade during critical cutting and slicing tasks. When fully closed, you can access the index flipper notch on the blade to deploy it quickly, and ball bearings in the pivot of the knife make that a cinch to complete. The strong liner lock keeps the blade in place during use, and you can close it up and make it disappear into your pockets on either side of your body because it comes with a reversible tip-up pocket clip.

For the price you pay, you get quite a lot from the CIVIVI Baklash’s design and features. If you’re looking for a workhorse of an everyday carry knife that can get you pretty far in actual use without breaking the bank. Plus, CIVIVI stands by their materials and workmanship with a lifetime warranty: something that’s hard to find even from US knife manufacturers these days. If you're on the market for a new EDC at a reasonable price, check out the Baklash at the link below.

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Discussion (6 total)

saint_shinobi ·
The knife design is great, but that pocket clip, not so great.
Dayne ·
What's wrong with the clip?
Josh ·
I love my Civivi Wyvern. It has a milled titanium clip. Plus the action/fit/finish is fantastic, especially for $50.
Darren Tong ·
I have to agree with this. Really a great design by WE but with a clip that looks plain and doesn’t flow with the rest of the knife. I think many Chinese knives suffer from this. Yes, they can make a good looking knife, but they do not understand that in the pocket, the clip is the first thing seen. Don’t get me wrong. I have knives from China with beautiful clips, especially the more expensive ones. But when you see a clip that looks like there was no effort put into it on an otherwise good looking design, its a real pity.
Darren Tong ·
That clip belongs on a 50 cent pen
I agree, it's boring. The clip on the Wyvern is great though, it's milled titanium, and still only a $50 knife.