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RovyVon Valor V20 Utility Knife

Bernard Capulong
RovyVon Valor V20 Utility Knife

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While many EDCers consider a proper folding knife to be an essential part of any kit, it's not always the right tool for the job. Precise cuts, sureā€”but spare your blade's edge and leave the prying, scraping, and cardboard box breakdowns to a utility knife. Not a run-of-the-mill box cutter you'd find in the bargain bin at a hardware store, but something much more durable and compact, like the RovyVon Valor V20 Utility Knife. As part of RovyVon's ever-expanding lineup of tools, the Valor V20 was designed with EDC in mind and equipped with extra functions to round out your bases, all in a sleek titanium package.

What sets the Valor V20 apart from other utility knives is its blade. It offers a unique cutting performance compared to standard utility blades thanks to its geometry resembling a kiridashi style blade, but with a bevel on both sides and a sharp edge along the bottom of the blade. The shape makes quick work of carving, whittling, and scraping, as well as simple slices to break down packing tape and cardboard. The knife deploys with a press-and-push motion of the button holding it in place, and locks by screwing down the button for safety. You can partially deploy the blade to extend just the tip from the frame for precision work, or deploy it fully to take advantage of the bottom edge's cutting surface. While the Valor V20 does use a proprietary blade, it can still be replaced if you purchase extra blades to help keep maintenance to a minimum.

As a utility knife, the Valor V20's utility doesn't end at just the blade: it also features a bottle opener, slots for tritium vial locators, and a lanyard attachment point for keychain carry. It's all housed in a light yet tough titanium alloy build to keep it compact and durable enough for EDC. At 2.8" long and just under an ounce in weight, it's a discreet companion to your dedicated EDC knife. Check it out at the link below.

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joe auman ·
Looks cool
70 for this ? frankly, this makes me believe that in so many ways the "EDC" trend has officially now become certifiably ridiculous.
It's pretty cool looking, but it's $70, and then they're going to charge $20 to ship that? That's insane. Just charge $90 and say the shipping is free then. Not that I'd pay that much for it anyway. Just my opinion.
Savage7 ·
Damn right. Go to Amazon, and for 10 bucks, buy a Gerber. It may not look quite as high-tech, but $90?? You have $80 left over to buy a REALLY bad ass, good quality knife. The Gerber might not survive a woodchipper or something, like the titanium, but I'm no Navy SEAL. (I just go in the woods, & pretend to be). Seriously, the Gerber uses the cheap (but damn lethal), long razor blades; it locks; has a nifty pocket clip; I'm not sure I'd buy the other one for 1/3 what it costs ($30). Just my 2¢...
Claire ·
The current price is $70. They said the $20 before is for DHL shipping fee, now they solved the shipping issue.