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Dango M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet

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Dango M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet

When you’re considering premium materials for EDC, titanium should be near the top of the list. While titanium boasts a perfect balance of lightweight and immense durability, crafting such a tough material into quality gear is a tall order. This is also true for a minimal wallet, especially one that can do more than just carry your cards and cash. Leave it to Dango with their years of experience to re-imagine their flagship wallet design in a new titanium build. The M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet offers the best of Dango’s utilitarian design language and stable of high-end materials as an all-in-one solution for carrying cards and adding extra functionality to your daily kit.

As its name implies, the Dango M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet features a frame that is precision-CNC machined out of that premium material. Dango’s craftsmanship, fit, and finish shines on the M1 Ti with no trace of rough edges or burrs you might run into with other titanium gear. And it’s not just a wallet, it’s part of a super-configurable system of tools and accessories that are optimized for your own personal everyday carry.

In its base configuration, the M1 Ti Single Pocket wallet functions as a card holder, perfectly designed to hold your most essential payment and identification cards in a dedicated slot - up to 7 cards or 10 cards without the included MT04 Multi-tool (more of that in a minute). A Grippy Silicone elastic band helps secure the cards to the frame behind the back-plate, and it also gives you space to carry some folded cash as well. The M1 Ti Bifold wallet variant is paired with a genuine top-grain leather bifold wallet insert and does not add too much bulk to the equation. This Variant levels up to fit up to 13 payment and identification cards or 16 cards without the included MT04 Multi-tool. The M1 Ti Bifold  variant weighs a mere 6.5 ounces fully unloaded. Things become even lighter at just 5.8 ounces in total for the M1 Ti Single Pocket variant.

No matter how you configure the M1 wallet, it comes and works with Dango’s unique and innovative MT04 stainless steel multi-tool. With the MT04, you get 10 different EDC-essential functions including sharpened edges for cutting, a bottle opener, hex wrenches, and a pry tool. When you have to fly, take the MT04 out and the M1 becomes TSA-compliant.

The Dango M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet’s premium construction, smart features, and great looks make it a compelling wallet to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your EDC. Check out the wallet in full detail as well as all the ways to customize it at the link below.

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Richard Revoir ·
Drop the cost by $139 & I may consider it.
Robert ·
I thought it looked nice then went on the website and found out it is $239. Jeez, when will companies realize that some of the”fashionable”EDC is way too pricey for the average person. I’d spend that much on a “minimalist” wallet but when my wife got half in the divorce I’d have even less for EDC
Justin ·
Yeah i was stoke about it like other people.... And then i saw the price ... 100$ i can justify. 239$ nop its almost 300$CAD for a wallet... Disappointing