Trending: Ontario RAT II

Trending: Ontario RAT II

Saturday Slicers brings us a classic EDC knife, one many begin with and end up carrying through the rest of their gear journey, and for good reason. The RAT series from Ontario Knife Company earned its well-deserved reputation as an excellent set of value EDC knives for their slim, sturdy design and useful blade. The RAT II is 20% smaller than the original model, with a blade length coming in just around 3”. Slicing is a breeze with its thin, AUS-8 steel blade and ergonomic handle. The 4-way pocket clip offers plenty of flexibility in terms of how you choose to carry it, as does the lanyard hole and reversible thumb stud. Pick up this solid slicer at the link below.

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A Goto EDC knife.
Well made.
Cuts well.
Affordable enough to keep in different EDC kits and / or Go Bags.

PS they come with AUS 8 or in D2 (considered a tougher more wear resistant steel)
The AUS-8 version of this excellent knife is really good (I have always been a fan of AUS-8, despite what steel snobs might say), but for a few bucks more the Rat II comes in D2. It is affectionately referred to as the R2D2 and it is one of the best budget knives you can buy.
R2D2! I like that. </chuckle!!>