Trending: Thyrm PyroVault

Trending: Thyrm PyroVault

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A suit of armor for an EDC favorite fire source--the classic Zippo lighter--climbs back on our charts. The Thyrm PyroVault locks things down in an extremely durable, heat-resistant polymer enclosure sized to accommodate most butane and fluid windproof lighter inserts. It features aggressive grip surfaces and a spring-loaded latch for easy one handed use. Most importantly, its O-ring seal keeps elements out and minimizes fuel evaporation, making it a much more worthy companion for your outdoor excursions and less likely to run out of fuel when you're out in the field. The PyroVault also adds one of the most conspicuously absent features on a lighter: a pocket clip. The back of the PyroVault features a low-profile clip designed to attach to MOLLE/PALS webbing on your pack or other compatible gear. Pick up the PyroVault in your choice of color at the link below.

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Love the PyroVault. I see a Pokka Pen too.