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Septem HUNT23 Flashlight

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Septem HUNT23 Flashlight

Unless you want to be carrying around pockets full of gear, a big part of EDC is optimization. Finding tools that combine two or more functions into one small package is hard to do, but that’s exactly what the Septem HUNT23 multi-function flashlight is all about. With long winter nights on the way a good flashlight is a must-have, and the HUNT23 makes a strong case why it should be your next flashlight. It handles common everyday tasks—illumination, driving screws, and prying—all in a stylish design that's compact enough to keep on your keychain.

To get a tough light that can handle EDC without sacrificing a lightweight design, the HUNT23 is made from Grade 5 Titanium. Plus, it has an IPX6 waterproof rating so you don’t need to be worry about pools or rainstorms. To fit comfortably on your keychain without getting in the way, the flashlight has to be small, so the HUNT23 measures just 11.5 x 34mm and weighs only 0.24 ounces.

On one end is a 100-lumen CREE LED that comes in either white or UV. It accepts AG3 or LR41 watch batteries, but you won’t need to worry about replacing them too often as the HUNT23 can last for up to 60 hours of continuous use. On the other end is a pry tip that gives the flashlight additional utility. Thanks to the titanium build, you can use it to pry, slice, screw, or pop open everything from cans of paint to your favorite beverage. Best of all, the HUNT23 is TSA-compliant, so you’ll always have a useful tool in your pocket when you travel.

If you don’t normally EDC a flashlight, this is a great opportunity to see how useful one can be. The small size and tough build makes it a great choice even as a backup on your keychain. Check out Septem's HUNT23 flashlight via the Kickstarter link below, where you can pledge on the fully funded campaign.

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