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Supercharge Your Knife Rotation with Monthly Knife Club

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Supercharge Your Knife Rotation with Monthly Knife Club

For EDC enthusiasts there’s no joy quite like New Knife Day. While searching for your next new knife can be fun, it’s not always easy. On top of the sheer amount of new knives that might slip by your radar, there’s a ton to consider, from features to price. Monthly Knife Club’s subscription box makes your New Knife Day that much more exciting by delivering a name brand EDC knife to your door every month for a low starting price of 25 dollars. Whether you’re a knife newbie or an avid enthusiast, Monthly Knife Club can be an exciting way to round out your collection.

When you join Monthly Knife Club, you’ll receive a brand name everyday carry knife delivered to your door every month. Some standout brands include SOG, CRKT, Real Steel, Spyderco, and Kizer, to name a few. The subscription box service starts at 25 dollars a month, but you can also upgrade to different box tiers depending on your tastes and cancel at any time. For example, you can opt to receive fixed blade knives, tactical gear, or higher-end designs in the upper tier boxes. For a better idea of the knives up for grabs, you can browse past boxes Monthly Knife Club has offered.

Monthly Knife Club makes starting or growing a knife collection easy. You’ll spend less time researching what knives to buy and less money on average than picking up a new knife individually every month. That gives you more time to put your knives to work and more cash to put towards upgrading the rest of your EDC. There’s no better time than now to join the club and add some fresh new knives to your rotation too. You can gear up for fall and save 10% on your first month’s recurring box or on a one-time purchase with promo code 19FALL_EDC_10 at checkout via the link below.

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Don't believe it. I just cancelled my membership in the Onyx plan after three months of giving it a chance. The middle month I received a nice knife that was about $20 cheaper than could be found elsewhere. I was almost ready to cancel the first month. I received two knives, one was not a folder as expected, that I found elsewhere for $60 cheaper. Customer service convinced me to stay, saying one seller was discounting the knife below MAP. Nevermind that I did not want a fixed blade anyway. Last month I received two folding knives. They were decent knives but a quick search found I could have saved $25 buying from BladeHQ.
So, on average, I paid more than street value and did not get to pick the knives I want. No thanks. Monthly Knife Club provides no value unless you do not care about pricing and just want a surprise each month.
Eugene Lempert ·
looking @ their knife selection...over priced junk and Paki fixed blade knives that you can find for pennies on the dollar/ have yet to see a crate club that has quality merch which can not be obtained elsewhere
less expansively.