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Trending: Victorinox Rambler

Trending: Victorinox Rambler

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Another Monday in quarantine, and this week we're taking a look at a trending compact multi-tool from one of the best in the business. Victorinox's 58 mm tools are some of the best options for keychain or backup EDC, with a robust variety of tools and models that let you dial in what you need most in your day. The Rambler comes with 10 functions, including a knife, scissors, combo bottle opener and Philips screwdriver, and Victorinox's ever-useful tweezers and toothpick slotted within the signature red scales. True to its name, the Rambler is the perfect addition to an outdoor ramble or weekend getaway EDC, while still compact and easy to carry enough to deal with everyday tasks. Pick one up at the link below.

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A lot of battery-powered things now need a micro-phillips screwdriver to change batteries, so this upgrade the Rambler offers from the most popular Classic SD is a very welcome addition (especially if you have kids with lots of battery-powered toys).

And a bottle opener on a compact SAK equals perfection in my opinion.

Personally I prefer the Victorinox Manager model, which is very similar to the Rambler. I love also having the backup pen just in case (and since I can't bare the idea of sticking filthy, lint-covered, reusable toothpick in my mouth anyhow).
I love all the Manager models; carried the Midnite Manager for about 4 years and that thing was so damn useful as a complete EDC unto itself, until my wife had to hand it over to airport security. Alas!
Awesome knife with all the right implements.
I've been carrying an original version Rambler (pointed nail pick and no Philips) for at least 10 maybe 15 years now. It goes everywhere I go with the exception of airport security when it goes in my checked luggage to be returned to its rightful place in my pocket on arrival at my destination. It is the most useful and most used SAK I've ever owned. In fact I like it so much I have 2 new 'spares' in my drawer in case I ever lose my original. As can be expected the original red scales are a bit worn and battered now and I have thought about replacing them, but then they carry the history of all the places it's been with me.
There are alternatives available, both cheaper and also ridiculously more expensive, but the little Rambler ticks all the boxes at a price that won't break the bank or have you retracing your every step with a metal detector should you lose it.
Highly recommended, get one - you won't be dissapointed.
I've carried one of these knives on my keychain for the better part of a year, and love it. It covers almost everything my Spyderco's can't, and doesn't weigh anything at all.