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Orient 2nd Generation Defender

Bernard Capulong
Orient 2nd Generation Defender

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When investing in your EDC gear, you usually get what you pay for. And as far as watches go, you've got a huge range of price points to choose from. But some watch brands made a name for themselves by delivering excellent value for the money. Orient is one brand that consistently produces affordable EDC watches for the features they provide. The new and improved 2nd generation Defender continues the trend. It brings the same great functionality of its predecessor, but with a new dial design that improves upon the legibility you'd expect from a field watch.

The second generation of the Defender comes as an iterative update of its predecessor, featuring many of the same complications and specs at its core. That includes 60 second/minute marker ring, date display, weekly-, and 24-hour sub-dials. With all that information available on your wrist, Orient repositioned the complications on the face for easier time-telling at a glance in this updated version. Red accents on the hands also add contrast, which is especially useful for the smaller second and sub-dial hands.

Other changes include a slightly larger 42.4mm case, a repositioned screw-down crown, and an upgraded 22-jewel, in-house automatic movement (complete with hacking capabilities). The brushed stainless steel case sports a robust 100M of water resistance to handle everyday wear and tear, while a beefy nylon strap completes its rugged look. You can pick up this new and improved Defender at the link below.

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Joel Williams ·
Is it weird to anyone else that in all the pics in this post and on Amazon, Orient has the minute hand covering their logo? Are they embarrassed by their own logo?
dunno, but I personally find their logo a dealbreaker.

I’m equal opportunity, tho- I don’t like rolex’s either =)
Joel Williams ·
Agree. It's a bad logo
Mihail Marginski ·
This is how the arrow hands are set on all automatic watches for sale in stores.
Joel Williams ·
Oh interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks!
jackpot, thanks.