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Trending: Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi-tool

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi-tool

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Many EDCers have discovered the practical size and utility of Leatherman's Skeletool CX, making it one of the most popular full-sized multi-tools over the past few years. Thanks to a functional design and lightweight build, it hits that sweet spot for anyone looking to EDC both a multi-tool and a competent folding knife. Despite its small size the Skeletool packs a punch. Thanks to its compact, skeletonized body it manages to weigh only 5 ounces for ease of carry. You can also access all the tools with one hand, making it perfect for the solo handyman.

Two key Skeletool features are its heavy-duty 154CM blade with a wharncliffe shape for precision cuts and a bit holder that extends its utility to an entire toolset. Its other tools include wire cutters, pliers, and a carabiner/bottle opener which lets you attach it to a pack or pop open a beverage rounding out its complement of everyday essentials. If you've yet to experience its utility, now is the perfect time to add one to your carry, available at the link below.

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Steven Rechlicz ·
It's a shame they are getting rid of the carbon fiber.
Shawn Bailey ·
I have the regular skeletool, hate the partially serrated blade but love the tool size and usefulness. So easy to carry. Wish I could just buy the blade and swap it out myself.
Lane Martin ·
Had the fine edge blade in the early (non carbon fiber) version of the Skeletool. Loved that tool, but it sadly disappeared at a Cub Scout camp.
Levi Joe ·
Good blade steel
Andrei ·
One of the most favorite compact tools
On my pocket more often than other Leathermans.
Ideal for almost all works except, probably, the most heavy-duty ones
Bobby Orellano ·
One of my favorites, with me 90% of the time
Ordered 🤙🏻
Gerald Woller ·
I used to carry a Leatherman Style PS, but I kept forgetting it was in my pocket and it would end up in the wash. Now with my Skeletool I keep it clipped in the left front pocket. Rock solid design and I use it every day.
Quentin Olinger ·
My next one... It's ordered