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Trending: Buckshot Knives Cleaver

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Buckshot Knives Cleaver

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Taking utility cues from the ever-useful kitchen chopper, EDC cleavers take utility cues from the ever-useful kitchen chopper, and offer a unique, visually striking, and highly useful option when it comes to an everyday knife. And that's certainly the case with today's Saturday Slicer, the Buckshot Knives Cleaver. On top of being a sizable 3.5" 3CR13 steel, razor-style blade that can hold its own for chopping duty while also being easy enough to maintain, the blade itself comes with a prominent curve on its belly, allowing you to perform long, sweeping slices that add to its versatility. Dual thumbstuds offer ambidextrous deployment, while a liner lock in the stainless steel handles accented by wood inlays take care of lockup during use. Finally, an included clip lets you clip the Cleaver as needed. And the best part, if you've always wanted to try adding a cleaver to your carry, the Buckshot Knives Cleaver can be yours for a minimal investment. Check it out in 4 styles at the link below.

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David Hughes ·
Show me a vid of that chopping through the sternum of a deer and you can call it a cleaver.
Hell, I'd even accept a deer mouse.
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