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Q Timex Reissue

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Q Timex Reissue

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The quartz movement wristwatch has held a time-honored place in people’s daily rotation for decades now. But that wasn’t always the case: back in the 1970s it was the new (and untested) timekeeping technology, and watchmakers had something to prove when marketing their watches to the public. That extended to the aesthetics and design of the watch themselves, and one of the best was the 1979 Q Timex dive watch. And now in 2020, Timex has re-issued that classic watch for those looking for a touch of historical flair or just something different without having to scour auction sites online to get what they want.

“Sleek” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when describing most modern dive watches, but the Q Timex is the exception. Where most designs feature overbuilt, bulky designs that are almost so heavy that they’re impractical, the Q Timex Reissue is much more manageable. It has a 38mm case diameter and a thin 11.5mm height on the wrist, all while keeping the 50 meter water resistance that the original had. Protecting the face is a domed crystal made of acrylic, which provides shatter resistance and easy scratch maintenance. And where some diver watches have a clunky bracelet, the Q Timex Reissue has a woven stainless steel band that’s comfortable enough for all-day use.

The rotating bezel features bold Roman numeral legends and a lively half-and-half split coloring. On the watch face itself, luminescent markers allow you to easily read the time even in the dark, and there’s also a day and date complication to keep track of where you are in the month. One quality of life addition that Timex made to this watch from the original is their signature Indiglo backlighting, which will also aid in night time legibility. But of course, inside is what set this watch apart from the mechanical watches of the time: a reliable button battery-powered Seiko quartz movement that kept the time more accurately than even the most expensive timepieces of the day. To make swapping the battery easier, the Q Timex Reissue features the original’s battery hatch that can be opened with the turn of a coin.

The design of the Q Timex Reissue and its solid internals make it a great choice even decades later after its original introduction. It’s slim and sleek, and made with a design language that sets it apart from what you can generally buy in stores today. If you’re looking to shake things up with one of these watches, check out the link below and buy one today.

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