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10 EDC Essentials for National Pink Day

Mon Garcia
10 EDC Essentials for National Pink Day

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We celebrated National Pink Day last June 23rd, a day when we’re encouraged to wear the warm and frivolous shade. The day was established in 2007 by high school students who wanted to stop bullying and promote understanding among diversified groups. As EDCers, we can also take part by splashing a bit of the hue into our kit. It’s a color that has been associated with hope, harmony, and worthy causes such as breast cancer awareness. In this guide, we’ve compiled a few pink items that you can easily integrate into your daily setup in celebration of National Pink Day, or to keep all year round to add an eye-catching new shade to your EDC.

QSP Parrot

This value-packed budget folder features grippy G10 scales in pink, as well as a tough, 3mm thick, satin-finished 440C steel blade, letting you bring along a highly corrosion-resistant edge that’s also easy to sharpen and maintain. This mid-sized EDC knife tucks in a 3.25" spear point blade into a 4" handle that features a shallow finger choil and a reversible pocket clip. The thumb studs and sturdy liner lock make deployment and retraction simple and straighforward. It’s an easy and affordable way to add a functional pink item to your kit.

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Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard Classic

For utility per square inch, nothing beats multi-tools, especially when it’s no larger than a credit card. This pink SwissCard Classic packs in ten functions including a screwdriver, a pressured ball point pen, and an always useful pair of scissors. Of course, since this is a Victorinox, the robust tweezers and toothpick usually found within the scales of their Swiss Army Knives are also there. This is an easy and practical addition to your wallet or essentials kit, letting you carry a lot of tools in a pocket normally reserved for credit or business cards.

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Zippo Lighter Light Pink Matte 238

A classic redone in a new hue, this Zippo Lighter features the same made-in-USA brass construction and windproof performance that millions of people have enjoyed for the past 70 years. And because it’s such a popular item, it’s easy to get fuel and spare parts no matter where in the world you may be. With its lifetime guarantee, you’re ensured of repairs and replacements should anything go wrong, making this a one-time EDC investment—until you get the collector’s bug. The matte light pink casing of this version gives you have something cool to pull out when something needs to get lit.

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Kindle Paperwhite in Plum

For book lovers who want to enjoy their reading anytime and anywhere, the Kindle is no secret. The new lightweight Kindle Paperwhite features a waterproof build, adjustable backlight, and a glare-free display that works well under direct sunlight, further fulfilling on the “anytime and everywhere” promise. With Audible software onboard, you can pair it with a pair of Bluetooth earphones or speakers and easily listen to content when you need your eyes to be somewhere else. Get it in the fresh new Plum colorway to show your support for National Pink Day.

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KeySmart Compact Key Holder

This crowd-favorite key compiler is a popular choice for managing pocket jangle as well as preventing the pain caused by loose keys poking you in the thigh. Aside from organizing up to 8 keys, there are also a variety of attachments and accessories available, like magnet-based quick-release connectors, scissors, a multitool, and even a USB 3.0 drive, letting you add all the functionality you need to your keychain setup. This pink version uses sturdy aircraft grade aluminum for its body, and each KeySmart is proudly made in the USA.

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Case Mini Trapper in Raspberry Bone

Based on an old-school design made for fur trappers, this Case Mini Trapper scales down one of the brand’s most popular slipjoint folders and joins our list due to the pink-hued raspberry bone used in its handle scales. The brass internal frame holds two 2.75" blades: a clip point for general use and a spey blade for precision work, and both deploy using integrated nail nicks. At 3.5" long closed and 2.41 ounces, this traditional knife is easy to slip into your pocket or EDC pack, ensuring you have a couple of useful blades on you all the times.

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Hinderer Knives Investigator Pen

EDC enthusiasts know the name Hinderer equates to premium and well-designed knives, so when founder Rick Hinderer released the Investigator Pen, everyone took notice. This version which combines a matte pink anodized finish with its 6061-T6 aluminum construction is a lightweight and tough EDC writer than can easily transition into a force multiplier during emergencies. As a pen, the Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink refill gives it write-anywhere performance, while the kubaton-inspired body and grippy grooves give you a solid grip when needed.

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Kaweco Frosted Sport - Blush Pitaya

Fountain pens have written their own story into EDC loadouts due to the smooth writing performance that they offer timeless writing quality they bring to your daily ensemble. The Kaweco Sport is a popular German pocket pen design that dates back to 1935 and has since come out in many different collectible versions. Its ability to turn from a pocket-friendly 4.1" form factor into a hand-friendly and comfortable 5.2" long writer when you post the cap keeps it relevant to this day. This year, they came out with the translucent Frosted Sport series, and the Blush Pitaya variant showcases a nice and distinct shade of pink.

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Leuchtturm1917 Medium Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Manually writing and putting ink to paper provides a lot of benefits: it often helps people remember things better like appointments and goals, while also improving comprehension and creativity. Taking a good and sturdy notebook along in your EDC helps you do this, and the Leuchtturm1917 series of notebooks and journals has long been regarded as a solid choice by pen and paper enthusiasts. Inside this Berry-colored hardcover is 249 numbered pages of quality inkproof paper plus a blank table of contents, a gusseted pocket for storing cards, and 8 perforated tear-away sheets for when you need to leave an important note.

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Black Diamond Cosmo 225 Headlamp

Having a headlamp in a bright pink color makes it easier to pick out in a bag full of your other gear. Plus, the distinct hue when worn on your head gives you more visibility to others in an emergency situation, providing an extra degree of recognition and safety. This pink Black Diamond Cosmo 225 Headlamp runs on three AAA batteries and outputs 225 lumens on High from its compact and IPX8-rated waterproof body. Large textured buttons and an improved interface let you easily access the light’s proximity and distance modes, plus strobe, dim, and red light night-vision, letting it easily adapt to commuting, camping, and emergency use.

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