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Streamlight Stinger 2020

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Jonathan Tayag
Streamlight Stinger 2020

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The choice of an EDC flashlight is an important one for all of us, but for some in the community it’s even more so because they rely on their lights to work day in and day out, especially for jobs with lives are on the line. And the standard compact EDC flashlight with its plethora of modes and light outputs doesn’t cut it for first responder duty use. Duty flashlights require ease of use, reliable and powerful light output, and a comfortable grip that makes it not a burden to use for extended periods of time. Streamlight is one of the leading LED light manufacturers making work and duty flashlights for everyday carry, and they’ve introduced the new Stinger 2020, the latest in a line of robust service lights for EDC with innovative quality of life improvements for people looking for a light that’s a step above the norm.

Like its predecessors, everything about the design language of the Stinger 2020 indicates that Streamlight had duty use in mind. It starts with the unique flat ergonomic design makes it easy to hold in your hand for extended periods. If you need your hands free but your tasks lit at the same time, the flat design of the Stinger makes it great for holding the light at your armpit or with your head against your neck. Whether you have an over- or underhand grip on the light, there’s always an activation switch near thanks to both a side switch and a tail switch for convenient on/off operation. And unlike other lights out there that require you to play Simon Says with a push button to try to get to the light output that you need, the Stinger 2020 lets you select between High, Medium, and Low outputs via a dedicated mode switch at the front so you always know where you are in the rotation.

There’s also a tactical strobe mode that’s available with a simple quick double press on either of the power switches for disorientating in an emergency defense situation. At its max, the Stinger 2020 puts out 2,000 lumens out the front out to 1,000 feet. Medium grants you access to a more moderate 850 lumens for mid-range tasks, and low brings it down to 100 lumens for close up action for up to 24 hours. When the internal SL-B26 lithium-ion battery pack starts running low, you can plug the light in via USB, or you can mount it to a Stinger smart charger that you might have already in your car.

With its unique innovative design and powerful yet easy-to-use features, the Stinger 2020 is indicative for Streamlights vision of what duty lights will be moving forward. If you’re a first responder or someone looking for a hard-use light without all the complication some other EDC lights might have, the Stinger 2020 is a solid choice for you. You can preorder one at the link below and add it to your carry today.

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