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Benchmade Bugout Blade HQ Exclusive

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Jonathan Tayag
Benchmade Bugout Blade HQ Exclusive

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The Benchmade Bugout has long been one of the community’s top picks for EDCing a folding knife because of its superior ergonomics, rock-solid AXIS lock, and use of high quality materials throughout. But there’s always room for improvement, and mixing it up always offers a good change of pace even for seasoned collectors, and that’s what Benchmade has done with a new version of the Bugout, available exclusively though Blade HQ. The stand out feature is a change in blade steel, bringing it more in line with super-premium knives on the market, and giving you increased cutting power and blade edge retention in the process. The overall look of the knife sees improvements as well, giving it a sleek and understated aesthetic that works well in hand and in your pockets.

Where the original Benchmade Bugout featured the use of highly-respected CPM-S30V stainless steel, the new Blade HQ exclusive model ups the game to CPM-20CV, more in line with what you find on higher-end knives. While both steels cut well, 20CV features better corrosion resistance, and it maintains its flat ground edge for longer over time especially if you tend to use your knife on lighter duty tasks like processing paper and packaging. You can opt for either a satin finish for the 3.24" drop point blade, but the best-looking in our opinion is the black Cerakote-finished option both for its increased durability against scratching and corrosion and its contrast against the unique textured gray G10 handle. That contrast is further enhanced with the green-anodized thumbstud and backspacer hardware, giving this special Bugout a unique look you’ll find nowhere else.

The rest of what has made the Benchmade Bugout such a crowd-favorite pocketknife for everyday carry remains the same, however. It still features a reversible tip-up deep carry pocket clip, and the ambidextrous thumbstuds and reliable AXIS lock holds everything in place during use. At 2.17 oz, this knife offers a lot of cutting power without all the heft.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Benchmade Bugout yet, this is the ultimate edition of the knife and worth as a top choice for everyday carry. And even if you do already have this knife (or its smaller Mini Bugout cousin), the upgrade in blade steel and unique look of this knife nonetheless deserves your attention. Check it out both colorways at the links below.

Check Out the Satin Finish Bugout

Check Out the Black Finish Bugout

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Everywhere you go there are...HATERS!!!
James Cotter ·
Curious to see Benchmade make a James Brand clone. Is BM feeling the competitive pinch of being so outdated, and just plain uninspired for close to a decade? I guess if you've nothing novel going on, you steal from those that are eating your lunch
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