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ThruNite TT20 21700 Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
ThruNite TT20 21700 Flashlight

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If you’re looking for a high output flashlight that can take on the heaviest applications, the new ThruNite TT20 21700 Flashlight presents a strong case for an all-around performer you’ll be glad to take along for EDC. It comes in a standard Black colorway, as well as a special The Outsider edition that’s anodized Red and bears the logo of his YouTube channel. Solid performance, efficient power consumption, dual switch functionality, and USB-C charging elevate the TT20 above other options for flashlights of this size.

If you’re used to having the popular 18650 platform as your flashlight form factor of choice, the TT20 may be larger than you’re used to for EDC. The full-sized 21700-format flashlight features a 5.35" long anodized aluminum body that’s 1.18" at its widest point. The bezel features some light crenulation for emergency use, while the rest of the shaft has a machined, textured grip. The tailcap features vertical knurling that helps with unscrewing for loading the included battery.

Dual switches on the TT20 give you different ways to use it. The rubberized tailswitch is recessed and allows for tailstanding, while providing quick access to a 2,526-lumen Turbo. A half press gives you a momentary burst of light, while a full click keeps Turbo on for 150 seconds before it steps down to a more manageable 610 lumens. Thanks to its capacity the light can hold that setting for 237 minutes, or nearly 4 hours. A smooth and deep reflector lets the TT20 throw up to 282 yards, making it useful for search and rescue applications. Both versions of the light come in either a Cool White or Neutral White option, and both use a high-output Luminus SST-70 LED.

The TT20’s electronic side switch lets you access more modes and the infinite ramping function. Holding it down when the light is off activates the 0.54-lumen Firefly mode that lasts up to 64 days. A single click turns the light on (and off) with mode memory, setting the output to the last level that you used. Once on, holding the switch ramps up the output from a 31-lumen “Infinity Low” for up to 90 hours, all the way to a 1,468-lumen “Infinity High” that holds for 190 seconds before stepping down to 654 lumens for another 235 minutes. Because it’s an infinite ramp, you can stop anywhere in between when you find your desired output level. In addition to instant access to Turbo and Strobe, the side switch also functions as a battery capacity indicator.

The ThruNite TT20 comes as a ready to go kit. Aside from the USB-C rechargeble 5000mAh 21700 battery and charging cable, you get spare o-rings and charging port covers. The two-way pocket clip is can be mounted either high or low on the light, and allows for a deep bezel-down carry in the pocket of your pants or pack. Last but not least, the included holster and lanyard give you carry options.  If you need a versatile and powerful flashlight for EDC, emergencies, and tactical situations, this light can do it all. Check it out at the link below.

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