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NEBO End of Year Sale

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NEBO End of Year Sale

The end of the year is upon us, and while the holiday season might be drawing to a close, there are still great deals to catch before it’s done. Take NEBO’s “Get a Gift, Give a Gift” end-of-year sale, which offers discounts on a number of their innovative everyday carry LED lights with free shipping until the end of the month, and a free light packed with every order to boot. Whether you’re looking for a belated gift for someone on your list or you’re looking to score some new additions to your personal EDC to kick off the next year, there’s something for everyone in NEBO’s sale.


The best place to start is with NEBO’s Poplite, the compact LED keychain flashlight that you get with every purchase from their sale. But don’t discount this light as a useless freebee: it’s a versatile compact light with an expandable design that allows it to switch between being a flood light, a spot light, and a lantern by sliding the body of the light. With its magnetic base, it can be attached to metal structures for hands-free operation, and its detachable carabiner clip and twist action lets the user place the Poplite onto their keychain for easy use and quick access in a pinch.

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SLYDE KING Emergency Prep Kit

The SLYDE KING Emergency Prep Kit is a one-stop shop for emergency power, fire, light, and fire, and this set of four EDC bug out essentials is available for a significant and limited 45% discount. The kit comes with two flashlights: the namesake SLYDE KING which offers a rechargeable combo 500 lumen flashlight and work light built into its side, and the REDLINE FLEX, a compact light for tighter situations and backup emergency use that outputs 450 lumens. To keep everything powered, the kit comes with a 10-watt solar charging panel with a USB charging port that’s perfect for the included 10,000mAh power bank. To round things out, there’s also a wind-proof rechargeable plasma lighter which requires zero traditional fuel to help you start fires in a survival situation—one charge and you’ve got fire at your fingertips.

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Certified Intrinsically Safe Line

While NEBO’s lights are good to have on hand in an emergency situation, sometimes safety is the biggest concern. This is especially true if you or your giftee work in a hazardous industry where even the simple act of turning on of a flashlight could be enough to cause a disastrous chain reaction. That’s where NEBO’s line of Certified Intrinsically Safe flashlights, headlamps, and work lights come in. They’re literally bombproof and resistant against the elements, and most importantly, they’re safe to use in places where traditional EDC lights cannot guarantee safe operation. And even if that’s not a regular part of your life, the increased durability and build quality inherent in these offerings might make them a compelling choice for critical everyday carry applications.

Within the line are five flashlights covering a variety of applications and battery platforms to suit your tasks. A 200-lumen headlamp offers hands-free illumination and a 90-degree pivoting head powered by 3 x AAA batteries. There are also two general tasks lights: a 2 x AAA, 60-lumen model for up close inspection work, and a more powerful 4 x AA, 120-lumen model for bigger lighting tasks. There’s also a right-angle flashlight for getting light into more difficult spots (or attaching the light to your vest or bag for hands-free use), powered by 4 x AA batteries with an output of 320 lumens. Last but not least, a 235-lumen, 4 x AA focusable flashlight offers versatile illumination between its flood and spot modes. All the lights within the Certified Intrinsically Safe Line also come with a built-in Hydrogen gas release valve for even more safety in extreme environments.

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Check out these flashlights and more at NEBO's sale at the link below, where you can catch huge discounts in addition to your free Poplight keychain light.

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