New tool from Knipex

Rennes, France

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Edward Moreno ·
Do you find the 4in Knipex XS is the perfect size for EDC and most task on a daily basis?

I can't decide where I should go with the 4", 5" or 6" for everyday carry. I just want to have a tool o can slip into a pocket or small pack and use for daily task. I work in an office not a shop and just want bad ass pliers that is as small as can been but still able to knock out most task I need with out getting my tool box. what are your thoughts?
Corentin ·
I’ve got this cobra xs since few month now and I would prefer a bigger one, the 5” seems to be the perfect size for Edc use. You’ve got a nice grip with the cobra xs but a little bit to small for my hands. Maybe I will buy the 5” (cobra mini) later.
Nice Rambler. Is that a Daily Customs? I wish they weren't so expensive to get in the US.
Corentin ·
Thank you. Yes it’s from daily custom i had the chance to win it on their Instagram page for a GAW