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Timbuk2 Agent Crossbody Bag

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Jonathan Tayag
Timbuk2 Agent Crossbody Bag

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On short hops and quick trips around town, sometimes it can be too cumbersome to EDC a full-sized bag. But with all the gear we carry every day, you need a place to place the things that won’t fit in your pockets like tablets, e-book readers, compact cameras, and notebooks. That’s where small crossbody bags like the Timbuk2 Agent flex their strength by giving you added storage space on the go without taking up too much conspicuous space in and of itself. It’s slim and low-profile, letting you move about with ease, and it’s a solid addition to your urban-friendly everyday carry.

The slim 10" Timbuk2 Agent Crossbody Bag gives you 2.4 liters of highly-organized storage in a low-profile package that stays close to your chest as you move about. In that way, there’s less chance of getting snagged by the bag itself when you’re navigating through the city. The all-black look with discreet branding sets it apart from the luxury fashion accessories that most thieves are looking for, and at any rate this bag has far more organization options than those offerings too.

The main compartment has enough space to fit a small iPad or tablet and your other accessories, and a front waterproof zippered pocket allows for separate carry of documents and other compact essentials. For easy access to your keys, that area also features a key leash, helping you keep a hold on your keys as you go about your business. There’s webbing on the bag too, and while it’s not MOLLE spec per se you might be able to get away with attaching this bag to more tactical gear if you have that in mind.

Timbuk2 also promotes the ability to store a bike lock through the loops, and that’s certainly something that normally won’t fit in your pockets at all. And when you’re stuck at home or using a bigger bag for your EDC, you can certainly use the Agent Crossbody Bag as a storage pouch for your EDC essentials too, especially with its detachable straps.

With its sleek and low-profile design, the Timbuk2 Agent Crossbody Bag gives you welcome storage options when you’re trying to travel light. It’s a great option for anyone who’s already pared down to the essentials but needs a little bit more space to carry everything they need. If that sounds like you, make sure to click the link below and add this versatile sling pouch to your own EDC today.

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