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Victorinox Work Champ XL

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Gabriel Colin
Victorinox Work Champ XL

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If you’re a fan of everyday carry gear, then the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife needs no introduction. These iconic tools have found their way into the pockets and onto the keychains of many in the EDC community, in part because of how there’s a space-efficient, capable model to satisfy almost any EDCer’s needs. While most of us choose a Swiss Army Knife to pack a punch in a minimalist setup, Victorinox knows how to deliver their quality tools in a more maximalist, all-bases-covered package. The Victorinox Work Champ XL is just that—31 tools crammed into a single, endlessly versatile pocket knife to tackle EDC tasks like a champ.

As one of Victorinox’s larger 111mm offerings, the Work Champ XL is like a tool box in your pocket. It features an impressive total of 31 different functions, while only measuring 1.2“ thick. Weighing in at 12 oz, this Swiss Army Knife still makes for a manageable carry when considering just how much sheer utility it gives you. The iconic polyamide red scales make an appearance, but come in a more ergonomic shape.

With these improved ergonomics you can keep using the Work Champ XL for extended periods of time, despite the size and weight. Kicking off its utility, you’ll get a wide range of cutters, meant to help you indoors and outdoors. You’ll find a large blade for general purpose, a wood saw, a metal saw, a gutting blade for when you go camping, a pair of scissors for delicate work, and a seatbelt cutter for emergency situations. For tinkering and repairing, you’ll get an assortment of 5 different sized screwdrivers and 2 different Phillips head drivers. To add more utility especially suited for electrical work, you’ll get a wire crimper, a wire cutter, a wire stripper, and a small pair of pliers.

You’ll also gain access to a couple of miscellaneous tools, like a marlin spike, a reamer/punch, a hoof cleaner and a shackle opener. For your general purpose tools, you get a can opener, a pair of tweezers, a tootpick, a corkscrew, and the ever useful bottle opener among other useful functions. If you enjoy Swiss Army  Knives, but the smaller ones just don’t cut it for you, the Work Champ XL is definitely worth a look. You can pick one up at the link below.

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