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Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip

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Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip

With the rise of online payments and credit cards, carrying cash has become less and less common, which means minimalist wallets have seen a huge rise in popularity. While Dango understands this with their robust catalog of minimal wallets, they also know that cash is still a day to day reality for many. This is where their new Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip comes in. It’s a dedicated storage option for securely carrying your cash while remaining as thoughtful, lightweight, and resilient for EDC as the rest of their offerings.

They way the MC01 achieves this is by using a two-part construction combining two sections of different metals. Its main clip is made out of titanium, giving it an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and it’s bolted on to a rear plate made out of CNC-machined, 6061 aerospace aluminum, emphasizing weight savings while still providing strength. A thoughtful “cutout” in the design makes it easy to your needed grab bills or cards.

And while the MCO1 might have “Money Clip” in its name, versatility is still the name of the game, so Dango have designed it to be able to carry more than a few cards as well. The main clip section can hold on to your cash while still having enough space to carry credit or ID cards. Thanks to titanium’s springy properties, the clip can expand to carry up to 50 bills and shrink to carry just one without losing its shape. But if all that space isn’t enough, you can also opt to add a silicone band, giving you extra space for about 30 extra bills or 10 plastic cards.

The Money Clip also comes with useful features and carry convenience built right into its chassis. A bottle opener is built into the top part of the titanium clip, letting you open up a cold one after a hard day of work. Attachment points are also on both end of the aluminum plate, allowing you to use a lanyard to further secure the Clip as needed.

Add Dango’s latest (and lightest) to your EDC by clicking on the link below and choosing from its three colorways: Satin Silver, Jet Black, and Champagne Gold.

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AAron Snowden ·
Gotta get one of these in gold.