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Tactile Knife Co. “the Rockwall” Knife

Jonathan Tayag
Tactile Knife Co. “the Rockwall” Knife

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Tactile Turn will be a name familiar to many EDCers, often topping “best of” lists with their impeccable catalog of quality pens and writing implements. Their precision crafting and attention to detail has made their products a favorite of the community, and this year they’re expanding their horizons by making knives as well. Rebranding as the Tactile Knife Company, their focus is set on making premium modern gents knives that have a beautiful look to match the elegance of their stationery. The Rockwall is one of their flagship knives, exuding class and style while remaining functional. It’s the culmination of form meeting function, executed the way only Tactile can.

The Rockwall features a 2.84“ flat ground XHP stainless steel blade with a Rockwell hardness rating of 60-61 for excellent edge retention. It sports a stonewash finish that matches the look of the all titanium handle. Where other titanium handled knives have a smooth appearance, the Tactile Knife Company leveraged their experience with handheld implements to apply a subtle texture on the 4" long handle that improves your grip on the blade during use.

There’s a cutout in the handle where the flipper opening tab sits while the blade is deployed, acting as a choil to guard against cutting yourself during hard use. That flipper opening also allows for one-handed operation, with a smooth action thanks to the ceramic ball pivot bearings and a clean detent. A stainless steel insert lock holds everything in place during use, and when you’re done, the deep carry pocket clip helps the Rockwall stay low profile until you need it again.

Every part of the Rockwall knife was designed from scratch by the team at the Tactile Knife Company, and each knife is crafted by hand and tool at their Texas machine shop. The small scale of their production does mean that if the knife suits your fancy, you should click the link below to join its production waitlist. They release batches of knives for purchase every two weeks, so secure yours today.

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Very nice knife. it reminds me of the Gerber Airfoil. But this one has the setup I prefer (flipper and tip-up carry pocket clip).

I find the size a little smaller than I prefer. I have bigger hands so I prefer a knife built around a ~3.5" blade. It does appear to be more of a "gents" knife vs a workhorse, so a slightly smaller blade is to be expected. But based on the robustness of Tactile's products I'd assume this could function very well as a durable work knife too, and would develop a nice patina as well. So I'd love to see them eventually develop their line to include an exacting version, only scaled up for a larger blade (such as what Civivi did with the Elementum).

The bottom line for me though-- The price is a non-starter, personally. But for those that are okay with the higher price, it looks like an excellent knife to EDC.
Jonah ·
I want one...*Looks at salary*...when ADA crypto booms! ;)